Reducing Your Areola Size with Your Breast Augmentation

Size isn’t everything…. right?


It’s fair to say, where some things are concerned, size is a… um… contentious subject!

When we’re on the subject of breast surgery the idea about size will definitely be at the forefront of your mind. The size of your pre-surgery breasts, the size of your chosen breast implants and the size of your post-surgery breasts.

But, what about your areola size?

Breast anatomy - areolas

Let me just clear up some breast anatomy basics! So what the heck is an areola?! Your areola is not the same as your nipple.


The areola is the pigmented area on your breast that surrounds the nipple (the raised bit in the middle).

Resizing the Areola

I’m fully expecting the idea of reshaping the areola might be an alien concept to many of you!

Alien idea.gif

If the idea of changing the size or shape of your areolas is something you’ve never thought about before then it’s totally worth considering especially now that you know it’s a possibility!

For some women though a little nip and tuck to their areolas will be a body enhancement #goal.

Why downsize?

We come in all shapes and sizes and so do our breasts, nipples… and our areolas!

The average areola is 4cm in diameter!

We get what we’re given where areola size is concerned and THEN bodily changes as we age, as we gain/lose weight, breastfeeding babies, etc… can all alter the size and shape!


For example, pregnancy and breastfeeding can permanently increase the size and/or shape of your areolas.

When areola size and shape makes women fee self-conscious, surgically altering them may be an option to restore body confidence.

Areola correction

If the size or shape of your areola is making you feel self-conscious or unhappy you really aren’t alone in feeling like this.

Girl, I had my areolas re-shaped with my first breast augmentation and I had them made smaller with my second BA + lift!

Even more reassuring… areola correction surgery is actually a pretty simple and quick procedure that can even be performed under local anesthesia.

An areola reduction procedure (decreasing the diameter of your areolas) can be performed while using local anesthetic or it can be combined with a breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift surgery under general anesthesia. If it’s something you’re thinking about, you have options.

For some women it’s the size, for some it’s the shape and for some it’s both size and shape of their areolas that they’re unhappy with. Whatever your concern, areola correction can help to give you the size and/or shape areolas that make you more comfortable and less self-conscious.

If you think your areolas are on the larger size - or just too big for your liking - whether they’ve always been that way or they’ve changed over time then you may be thinking about setting up a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon. Trust your surgeon to talk through your options and decide if an areola surgery is right for you.