Breast Implants and The Keller Funnel

The way your plastic surgeon carries out your breast augmentation will be based on their knowledge, experience... and maybe some useful tools too! Let me introduce you to something you may have heard about during your breast augmentation research... the Keller Funnel.

Breast Implants and The Keller Funnel

Tools used during a breast augmentation

The way breast augmentations are performed is always evolving. For example, we've mostly moved away from surgeries using blunt dissection (cutting) via scalpels (a surgical knife).

Modern surgeries now employ electrocautery dissection, a device which helps plastic surgeons to directly visualize the surgical area and perform surgery with precision - meaning less trauma and associated complications, and a faster recovery.

Still with me?

Breast Implants and The Keller Funnel

Reducing Breast Augmentation Complications?

One of the main aims of advancing surgical techniques is to ensure better outcomes for patients. We also want to reduce the chances of complications from surgery.

One such breast augmentation complication we're striving to understand more about is capsular contracture (abnormal hardening of the scar tissue around breast implants).

We still don't know exactly what causes capsular contracture after a breast augmentation, but there are several theories. This is where the Keller Funnel comes in.

One surgeon, Dr. Kevin M. Keller, has invented a device which helps plastic surgeons to place silicone breast implants directly into the breast via a 'no touch' technique.

And it looks (literally) like a medical icing bag!

Breast Implants and The Keller Funnel

But Why use the keller funnel?

Your surgeon may opt to use the Keller funnel to insert silicone breast implants because:

  • It makes breast implant insertion easier for them

  • It reduces the chances of bacterial contamination of the breast implant

  • It could potentially mean a smaller incision site

  • It shortens surgery time as the breast implant is placed more quickly

  • It can be used to place breast implants up to 800cc (including cohesive implants) via any incision site

The Keller funnel has been around since 2009, so it’s still a relatively new ‘medical device’. If your plastic surgeon will be using this device in your augmentation you can expect to pay about an extra $100 for it.

If your surgeon is not using one it’s definitely not a game changer, but it's always important to be informed and know all of your options so you can make the best decision for you!

More important than any helpful surgical tools, be sure your plastic surgeon is Board Certified, easy to communicate with and truly cares about you and your individual Boobie Goals!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

We routinely use a Keller Funnel to place silicone gel implants. It's one of many steps that we take to be sure that the chance of developing a capsular contracture is as low as possible.

A side benefit is that using a Keller funnel also helps keep the incision a bit shorter. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!