Why Do Breast Implants Have Different Profiles?

Just like breast implant placement, you’ve heard me talk about breast implant profiles before too. While I believe this is a decision your plastic surgeon should make after seeing your build and Boobie Guide, I still recommend that you understand what plastic surgeons mean when they start talking about profiles and projection.

In the photo below, both breast implants are filled to exactly the same volume... let's say 450cc's for the sake of argument.

As you can see, the low profile implant filled with 450cc’s does not have the height / projection as an ultra-high profile implant with 450cc’s. That's because the diameter of the low profile breast implant is so much larger with the ultra-high profile breast implant.

How Will My Surgeon Choose the right Breast Implant?

There’s more to fitting the right breast implant than meets the eye. Your plastic surgeon will take into consideration your Boobie Guide goals as well as what you’re currently working with.

The frame of your chest, location of your nipples, breast implant placement and desired projection are all factors into finding the correct breast implant profile.

Whether you’re looking for a more natural look like Kelly Deinstadt...

...or a more augmented look like Chloe Sims

...your profile of implant will play a big role in the look you're hoping for. To give you an idea of what I mean by different anatomy types, take a look at the difference in their stature. While they have similar weight, Kelly has a broader chest wall than Chloe.

My Personal Breast Implant Preference

So my Boobie Guide, Miss Tina Louise, has a relatively augmented look and I believe she has a similar frame to mine. (Did I mention I got to interview her?!)

Breast Implants

Currently I have moderate profile breast implants, so I think there’s a good possibility that my plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeremy Pyle, will recommend a higher projection for my revision—but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

We take many factors into consideration when discussing the best type of implant to meet your goals. Part of that conversation is the implant profile, or height of the implant.

The best implant for you depends on things like your breast dimensions and the overall look that you're going for, and this is another area that we've found 3D imaging to be helpful in guiding the process.