A Saline Implant Option: The Ideal Implant

Whether you’re just embarking on the beginning of a breast augmentation journey there’ll be a whole host of new things you’ll learn. Like…. there are MANY different implant choices!

Choices 2.gif

There’s basically two main implant choices: whether to have a breast implant with a silicone or saline filling.

Then, there are more decisions to make, like size, profile, shape and… manufacturer. So it really is a case of: choices, choices, choices!

Focusing specifically on one type of saline breast implant, let me introduce you to the Ideal Implant.

The Ideal Implant

The Ideal Implant is a newer type of saline breast implant. It also gets called a ‘structured implant’, because it has multiple layers of material to prevent the saline filling from sloshing around too much.


It’s really quite different to a normal saline implant! A standard saline implant has a silicone outer shell (as do all implants) and then it is filled with saline solution once it is placed inside the breast by the surgeon.

An Ideal Implant is marketed as an implant that feels more natural (when inside the breast - the ‘feel’) than a standard saline implant with the safety of saline if it ruptures.

As I write this article though (February 2019) production has been halted to fix a valve issue they were experiencing. So, if you were thinking this might be the breast implant you were interested in you should discuss with your surgeon when you may be able to schedule a surgery. It’s a good example though of coming up against an obstacle in your breast augmentation journey and making sure you don’t rush any decision. If it’s worth waiting for, wait for it.