How Your Existing Breast Tissue Affects Your Breast Augmentation Goals

You may have heard the term ‘breast tissue’ a lot in the online world of breast augmentation and breast implants.


It’s actually nothing to do with tissues!

When we talk about ‘breast tissue’ we mean the amount of natural, existing breast you have - the squishy boob bit beneath your skin.

Existing breast tissue

Your existing breast tissue (as in, what you have before you get breast implants placed) is kind of a big deal.

When you have your consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon they will do a physical examination, which involves assessing your breasts to see:

  • What your existing breast tissue is like - how much you have, how dense the tissue is.

  • What your existing breast skin is like - how stretchy (elastic) and/or thin it is.

After assessing your existing breast anatomy, your surgeon then puts this together with your breast augmentation goals and comes up with the best breast implant and surgical options for you.

Starting out with more

Having a good amount of breast tissue to start with means there is more to cover a breast implant (meaning it will be less obvious).

Breast tissue and breast implants

The more existing breast tissue you have the more natural your results will look.

If you don’t want your breast implants hidden and you want a more obvious (augmented or fake) look, when you have a lot of existing tissue you need a bigger implant for it to be noticeable. Going bigger isn’t always ideal (there are risks with bigger implants) so run through your options fully with your surgeon to weigh-up the best choice for you.

Starting out with less

When you start out with less existing breast tissue you’ll have a harder time “hiding” the implant, so your outcome after surgery might be more… obvious.

Obvious breast implants

If obvious isn’t what you’re looking for, and you have little breast tissue to start with, your options to get a more natural looking breast augmentation are a bit trickier.

They include: going smaller (smaller volume breast implants), exploring different implant profiles, and/or reaching for an anatomical breast implant.

Listen girl, your existing breast tissue is a big determining factor in how you’ll look with breast implants.

It’s your Board Certified plastic surgeon’s job to marry-up your existing anatomy with their skill and expertise and the right breast implants to get you to your aesthetic goals.

You can help this process by being clear about what your goals are, and even bringing ‘wish photos’ to your consultation.

With open communication on what you want, your surgeon should be able to navigate you to the best breast implant for the look you’re wanting to achieve (whatever you’re starting point is).