Will Breast Implants Look Right On Me?

try on breast implants

If you're wondering what you'll look with breast implants, you're not alone! It can feel a bit like guesswork. But, it doesn't have to be.

Depending on your plastic surgeon's preferences, there are a number of ways to help you envision your future with enhanced breasts!

Rice Sizers vs Real Breast Implants

Before you even step in to a plastic surgeon's office you might be tempted to go for the good ol' stuff your bra technique.

Girl, we've all been there! But, if you are going to try this it's best to do it with a measured approach (and I mean literally measured).

The "rice test" is a great way to give you an idea of what you'll look like after a breast augmentation (in the comfort of your own home).

try on breast implants

To create your rice implants you will need:

  • Pantyhose/stockings

  • Measuring cup (that measures in milliliters*)

  • Dry rice (risotto rice is good - nothing too spiky!)

  • A non-padded bra (and ideally, a sports bra)

*The measuring cups unit of measurement (ml's) is roughly equivalent to breast implant volume cc's (cubic centimeters). So, to mimic a 300cc implant put 300ml of rice in to the pantyhose.

Measure out your rice, pour into the stocking and tie the loose end so there's a bit of give (allowing the rice implant to shape to your body). Now put them inside your sports bra and slip on a tight top.

Voila! You have rice implant sizers. Try on a few different sizes and when you think you have a look you like make a note of the rice volume.

This is a good starting point to communicate your 'size' wish goals to your plastic surgeon.

Try on Breast Implants Before You Buy

Once you get through the doors of a plastic surgeon's office part of your breast augmentation consultation with them may include trying on professional implant sizers (specifically created by implant manufacturers).

For starters they are way more comfortable than your at-home rice implant sizers!

What will i look like with breast implants?

For a lot of women this is a really fun part of the boobie journey. Even if you've tried making your own rice sizers at home it's another step closer to visualizing your end result.

Technology Is The Future of Breast Augmentation

As well as trying on sizers in your plastic surgeon's office you may be given the opportunity to undergo a 3D simulation to give you an idea what you will look like after your breast augmentation.

3D breast englargment

Ok, so it's not like the film Weird Science! But, using the latest digital technology women can now more clearly visualize what they will look like with breast implants.

With systems like VECTRA 3-D imaging, a photo is taken of your chest and loaded on to a computer. The technology then allows the plastic surgeon to show you simulations of what your body will look like with different sized breast implants.

Not all plastic surgeons use it, but those that do reckon it helps their patients avoid boob greed in the long term! Because of 3D imaging the number of women coming in for a second plastic surgery to increase their implant size appears to be on the downturn!

As Dr. Jeremy Pyle explains in his own experience, "The number has changed pretty significantly for one specific reason: 3-D imaging".

When considering a breast augmentation choosing the right size breast implants to meet your boob goals is one of the most important decisions you will make. There are lots of ways to help you visualize your end result after breast surgery!

What's most important is to figure out which visualization technique (sizers and/or 3D imaging) is best for you. That way you will make the right decision for you, so you have a long and happy relationship with your new breasts :)

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

VECTRA has changed our practice and my job. You used to have to bring in impossible to achieve retouched photos of women in adult magazine's, bags of rice, before and after photos of women you will never actually see in real life and so on.

With VECTRA, you get to sit in a room, with a member of our team to guide you, and see an idea of what YOU might look like with implants of different types and sizes.