How I Selected My Plastic Surgeon

A few years back, my husband—being the automotive fanatic that he is—started looking to purchase a particular car he’d always wanted.

When he began the hunt, he was adamant that there wasn’t any distance too far to travel. After 6 months of searching, he found the perfect one located in Burbank, CA. Without thinking twice, he booked a flight from our home in Nashville, then drove it back across the nation.

Taking a 4,000-mile roundtrip for a car may seem crazy at first...

...but going out of our way to get exactly what we want is something all of us do in several areas of our lives anyways, right?

For example... Many of us drive past 4 grocery stores to go the one that has our favorite brands. While we’re there, we spend twice as much on a single-origin coffee that is certified-organic and fair-trade.

Obviously, I’m picking at some of us (like myself!) But wouldn’t it be silly of us to go out of our way for the small things in life, then do just the opposite for something as significant as a several thousand dollar breast augmentation?

Said differently, I don't believe you should select a surgeon just because they are the closest or the cheapest.

Over the years, I've seen a lot of lists talking about what we should be looking for in a plastic surgeon. Most of these lists are helpful, but they all say to look for the same things... board certification, hospital privileges, a clean record, before and after photos, etc.

Please don't misunderstand, those are all very important.

However, I don't think the combination of those things make a great surgeon anymore than four tires and a steering wheel make a great car. A great plastic surgeon has something more. A great plastic surgeon has three very special traits. Let's start with their eyes...

Shining Eyes

It isn't hard to tell when someone is passionate about something, is it? I had to take a World History class in college, and I was dreading it because I had never enjoyed history in the past. And yet my professor, Dr. Pabis, would get so passionate and caught up in what he was teaching us, I began to love going to his class each week.

To steal a term from Benjamin Zander, Dr. Pabis had "shining eyes" and everyone could tell how much he loved sharing his passion with others. All great plastic surgeons have shining eyes, and their zeal is contagious.

A Servant's Heart

I was watching a documentary on Netflix the other day, and I heard a great quote by Albert Schweitzer. He said, “There's one thing I know... the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”

Great plastic surgeons have mastered the art of serving women getting a breast augmentation... from approachability, to education, to patience... because they have a servant's heart—the heart of a teacher. They aren't cocky, never make you feel bad about asking one more question, and you can tell they genuinely care about you and your results.

An Empathetic Staff

Have you ever been to a restaurant and asked the waiter what they recommend, and they say something like, "Oh, I'm not sure. I don't really like the food here." What?!

"If you aren't you smoking what you're selling, why should I?"

In my experience, all great plastic surgeons meticulously build a staff who believes in what they do. I'm not saying every woman in the office should have breast implants, but it sure is nice when someone can look you in the eye and say, "I completely understand."

One of the Best Decisions I've Ever Made

For me, finding the best surgeon meant opening up my options to cities beyond where I lived, and I am so glad I sacrificed a little bit of personal convenience for my very permanent surgery.

I decided to fly to Raleigh, NC to have my surgery with Davis and Pyle Plastic Surgery (as always, here's my personal disclaimer).

To help show women how drama-free traveling to get plastic surgery can be, I recorded the documentary of my procedure below. I hope you enjoy it!


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