How to Choose the Right Size Breast Implants

How do you choose the right size breast implant?

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Straight up girl, this is a complicated question! And the answer is kinda complicated too. Let me explain…

Consultation is key

When you choose to consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon about a breast augmentation you can expect them to run through a couple of key areas that will steer them (and you - in collaboration with your surgeon) to the right size breast implant for you.

Key area 1 - Your Goals

What do you want your breasts to look like with implants?

Do you want them to look natural or more augmented? How big do you want to go?


Knowing what you want is key!

Your surgeon will take time listening to what you want to achieve from a breast augmentation surgery… and ask you questions along the way. This is the first key steer to find the right size implant for you.

Along the way there’s also an examination of your existing breast anatomy. What you have to start with is a big factor in how big you can go with a breast implant.

When your surgeon has run through your augmentation goals (and examined your existing breast anatomy) they will draw on their experience of performing breast augmentation surgeries and their knowledge of breast implants to give you some implant size options.

This process then gets refined further…

Key area 2 - Visualize

If you know what you want your breasts to look like the process of refining this further with your surgeon (to ultimately get to the right size implant) then involves actually visualizing your ‘after surgery’ breasts.


There’s a few ways to do this!

You may have heard of one way to visualize what you will look like with breast implants: rice sizers.

You can find lots of tutorials online on how to make your own ‘sizers’ at home to try in a bra so you get an idea of what size you’d like your breasts to be with implants. If you’re interested in this ‘try-at-home’ technique, check out my article on rice sizers!

Your surgeon will have specific implant sizers in their office for you to ‘try on’ during your consultation. And then there’s 3D (Vectra) imaging, where your surgeon takes a picture of your breasts and uses specialized computer software to generate images of what you could look like with different sized implants. If your surgeon’s office has Vectra you may find it super helpful to guide your implant size.

How you pick the right size implant is not just one thing! It’s a process and one of collaboration between you and your surgeon. When you get this bit right you’re on track to find the right size breast implants for you.