How Much Connection Should You Feel with Your Plastic Surgeon?

So, I’ve always encouraged you to have high expectations of the plastic surgeon who does your breast augmentation. Really high, actually. I mean hey... We’re not talking about a manicure here. You can’t go home and change your breast implants yourself if you don’t like your results, right?

From the office environment, to the staff, and of course the consult with your plastic surgeon, I'll be the first to tell you that everything needs to feel right.

But sometimes we can take that a little too far.

If critiquing your plastic surgeon’s bed side manner has you a little stressed, worry no more. Let’s go over the things that truly matter and the things that you can just let slide.

Your Plastic Surgeon Doesn’t have to Be Your Bestie

It really would be wonderful if you met your plastic surgeon and their staff and you immediately hit it off. Maybe if your life were a RomCom, you’d stay in touch after your breast augmentation, meet for coffee on Saturday mornings, or walk your dogs together at the park for years to come.

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But the reality of that scenario is unrealistic and a little less than professional. And a professional (not a new bestie) is what you're looking for, right?

Maybe you’ll share a favorite football team or agree that “Resurrection” was New Found Glory’s best album yet (good taste in music never hurt anybody), but how much will that matter when you’re in the middle of your operation? Zilch. Nada. Zippo.

The Plastic Surgeon Non-Negotiables

With your list of questions in hand and pictures of your Boobie Guide, you should feel like your plastic surgeon addressed your concerns like the MacGyver of breast augmentations.

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If you leave your breast augmentation consult feeling that your plastic surgeon was less than experienced in meeting needs like yours, then it might be time to book a consultation with someone different.

There’s also nothing worse than showing up at any doctor’s office with a need and being treated with a one size fits all solution.

Your plastic surgeon should treat you and your breast augmentation like an individual case, because that’s what it is. If you start feeling like your trapped in an assembly line, it might be time to jump off the conveyer belt.

And finally, we’ve all worked on a project that we cared nothing about and the results were telling.

While he/she may not have tears come to their eyes when you tell him all of your breast struggles, you will be able to tell how invested he is in your care. Eye contact, body language and hearing out all of your questions should give you a sense of comfort and not of frustration.

Your Plastic Surgeons Customer Care Team

Rarely will a skilled plastic surgeon meet you at the door of the office and offer you a bottled water. There’s a position just for that accommodation. If you’re hoping to have your hand held through the process while your at the plastic surgeon’s office, the person you’re looking for is the Patient Care Coordinator.

You’ve heard me talk highly of Dr. Pyle’s staff and specifically Gretta. If you leave an appointment feeling like a fish out of water, likely, there wasn’t a skilled Care Coordinator on staff.

Be sure to let that practice know how you felt with your experience there. The quality of your care could have been drastically improved with a team member whose sole responsibility was to make you feel cared for.

Overall, your consult should look like an informative and cordial meeting where your questions are answered and your concerns addressed. If you don’t feel like shooting 18 holes of golf with your plastic surgeon on the weekend, that’s okay. Look for the good feelings, but don't expect more than what's realistic :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Our office is extremely fortunate to have one of the best teams ever assembled. Our first and foremost goal is for you to feel comfortable, from the very beginning and all the way through your surgery and afterward.

My job as your surgeon is to make sure that you are heard and work closely with you to develop a personalized plan that will achieve your goals. We're so privileged to be able to do that alongside such a wonderful team.