Three Tips to Decide How Big You Should Go

My husband and I love to go on cruises together for lots of different reasons. To name a couple, it’s one of the most affordable vacations we can go on, and it allows us to frequently participate in one of our favorite activities...


Recently, we had the pleasure of going to beautiful Key West, and we spent the better part of an afternoon watching boats pull in and out of the harbor. I loved how there were all sorts of different sizes and personalities, and this reminded me of the ever-so-popular augmentation question...

“How big should I go?”

When it comes to your breast augmentation, this is obviously a really important question. I’ll be the first to admit that it can be overwhelming and a back-and-forth guessing game, but here are three tips that will help you love the size you decide on.

This is Not a Competition

I love the saying, “There is no win in comparison.” Just when I thought I’d seen the best boat in the harbor, a bigger or more beautiful one would sail in. Can you imagine how miserable all the other captains would be if they based their happiness on whether they had the most expensive boat in the harbor? Don’t let your aspiration turn into comparison.

This Procedure Is For You

Throughout your augmentation journey, I want you to remember that this procedure is for you. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of looking to your friends and family for making decisions that fall on your shoulders. Your boobs, your procedure, your decisions.

Think Long Term

This one can be super difficult, especially in the culture we are accustomed to—but it’s important. Ask yourself, “In 10 years, what will I wish I had done today?”

Personally, I wanted to go bigger than I ended up deciding on, but I really feel like I made the wisest decision. Since I was only in my mid-20’s when I had my procedure, I knew I would likely have 1 or 2 revisions over my lifetime where I would have the opportunity to go up in size.

The bottom line is there is no perfect shape or size. Every boat in the harbor was beautiful in it’s own unique way, and your augmentation will be the same.