Do Anatomical Breast Implants Drop & Fluff?

As you may have heard me say before… when it comes to breast augmentations we all heal differently!

And one of the many factors in how your implants settle in to place is the material, shape and texture of them.

It may be a bit of a surprise to know that anatomical (aka 'shaped' or 'teardrop') breast implants behave differently than other breast implant choices when it comes to the drop and fluff part of recovery!


You could say that they have their own agenda!

Breast Implant Drop & Fluff Basics

Back to basics first, girl...

Breast implants are said to 'drop' (meaning the move down into the pocket) and 'fluff' (the breasts soften as swelling subsides and tissues/muscles relax) during your healing journey. After which they take on their final resting position and, after a period of time, your new breasts will have blossomed.

Anatomical breast implants do this settling thing a bit differently, and often take longer to do so.

What about Anatomical Breast Implants?

When we talk about a breast implant dropping, it usually only refers to a breast implant placed under the muscle settling into the pocket. Implants over the muscle don't 'drop' as such.


An anatomical breast implant placed under the muscle won't really drop either though.

Straight after surgery the muscle is tightened over the top of a shaped implant but, because of the textured surface (which is designed to stick to the tissues), the implant itself doesn't move (i.e. drop in to the pocket).

But will an anatomical breast implant change at all?

It may not drop, but a shaped implant will definitely fluff.

All breast implants feel pretty firm to begin with, especially if the implants are placed under the muscle. Shaped breast implants are a touch firmer than other silicone implants because they're made of a cohesive (thicker) silicone.

This is really important for anatomical breast implants, as they need to keep their shape (a more full lower pole, and a tapered upper portion, much like the natural breast) and withstand the pressure of overlying skin, breast and muscle from deforming it.

Although shaped breast implants placed under the muscle can look a bit flatter to begin with (less frankenboob and more flattenboob), once the swelling goes down, tissues heal and muscles relax the 'fluffing' bit occurs. But this bit can take longer than other silicone implants.

With an anatomical implant you’ll know what they’re going to look like long before you’re going to know what their final feel will be.

We don't know exactly why breasts augmented with anatomical implants take longer to feel soft, but it's most likely to do with the textured surface and the cohesive silicone inside.

If there’s one thing anatomical boobie sisters will tell you, it's that they have to have tons of patience!


A slower fluffing process means that the shape of your breasts will fill your bra differently from say 3 months to 6 months post-op, and even beyond. So hold off on that new bra wardrobe until you're totally settled!

There is no standout best breast implant and each has its own pros and cons. Whatever breast implants you choose you won’t be alone if you worry about their size/shape/position in those early days, weeks (and even months) after your breast augmentation.

Be patient with your body as you heal. Before you know it, you are going to be thrilled with your new curves :)