The High Profile Breast Implant Craze

I remember a few years back, I noticed a lot of women starting to wear high heels with skinny jeans. The look was (and still is) super cute, and I really wanted to participate. However, me and high heels.... not a good idea! I’ve tried, but I may as well be wearing a chicken costume the way I walk in them.

Now just because heels look perfect on a lot of women, doesn’t mean they'll be perfect for me.

The same goes for high profile breast implants.

I’ve noticed a trend where it seems that women believe High Profiles are the perfect implant choice, but it's important to remember why one of our other options could be much better for us. I’ll explain...

I went in to my consultation thinking, “High profile breast implants and 550cc’s” yet I walked out of my plastic surgeon’s office with the recommendation of Moderate profile breast implants at 425cc’s. I just assumed that everyone got high profiles because of their increased projection; however, they would have been a really bad fit for me, because...

Breast implant profiles should be chosen by your plastic surgeon based on your personal measurements.

Often, I’m asked why I got Mod’s, and the reason is because I learned I have a wider chest and a wider breast width measurement. If I had gotten High Profiles, they would have likely left me with a gap between my breast implants and not looked filled out enough from side to side—giving me narrow looking breasts. With the moderate profile implant, they filled me out from left to right giving me full-looking breasts, as well as giving me some nice projection.

Implant type can’t be a one size fits all.

There’s a reason for the different projections and widths. We are all so wonderfully and uniquely made that one implant type just wouldn’t do. My hope for you is that you will stop and consider all your options and allow your plastic surgeon to pick what would fit best in your unique body.