Breast Implants Later in Life

Breast Implants Later in Life

How old is too old for breast implants?

Straight up, I can totally answer that...

You're never too old for a boob job!

Does age matter for breast implants?

You can be too young for sure. If your breasts aren’t fully developed yet a breast augmentation should wait. And the FDA recommends 18 as a minimum age.

It may come as a surprise but 34 is the approximate average age of women receiving breast augmentations, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

But still, there are a large number of women in their late 40s and early 50s getting breast implants- some plastic surgeons even say this age group makes up about 20% of the breast augmentations they perform.

I even found one case of a grandma in California (in 2011) getting breast implants at the age of 83. Now that's grannie power! :)

what’s the best time to get breast implants?

The decision to get breast implants comes to us at different times of our lives.

Some of us have wanted them from the get-go (if you never fully developed) and others start to think about implants after our bodies change from pregnancy or weight loss.

Breast Implants Later in Life

When you think about it, getting breast implants at a later time in your life when you have less family obligations, more disposable income and your focus is on you, it makes complete sense.

health is more important than age for breast implants

From a plastic surgeon's standpoint, as long as you are healthy you can have breast implants at whatever age suits you.

There may just be a couple of extra things to consider if you're thinking of an augmentation over the age of 40:

  • Breast elasticity- if gravity has been unkind to you a lift may be needed as well as breast implants.

  • Future surgeries- All breast augmentations come with a risk of needing a future breast surgery. Be it an unfortunate complication, or a desire to change the implant you should consider that for the long term.

One thing’s for sure, since my own Boobie Journey started I’ve become aware of the great variety of women getting breast augmentations.

Not just your ‘average’ woman. We are a generation redefining the age limits on cosmetic breast surgery. Age really is just a number... and why shouldn't women of any age look as good as they feel? You deserve this!

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

I once had a woman in her 70's in my office for a post-operative visit tell me that getting a breast augmentation was the best decision she ever made for herself.

Breast augmentation is designed to take something you are uncomfortable with and make your life better. I don't know any reason that age should determine whether or not a person has access to that feeling.