Avoiding Information Overload When Researching Breast Implants

It is insane the amount of breast implant options there are on the market right now which can lead to an unnecessary amount of information overload!


You are not crazy to be wondering where to start.


First up, don’t go it alone! Get plugged into my breast augmentation community, Bustmob. You’ll meet other women who are wanting breast implants or who have breast implants - we’re all in the thing together.

Next, check out my Boobie Steps! They take you step-by-step down the breast aug journey with ease.

Then once you choose your surgeon, they’ll not only tell you what choices you have, but they will also tell you the good (and the bad) bits for each implant option. My personal favorite implant manufacturer is Sientra. They have a ton of data to back up the safety of their breast implants which is really mind blowing.

First thing’s first

Your first choice option will be whether your implant is silicone, saline or the Ideal implant. From there you go on to select things like the implant shell (textured or smooth), shape (round or teardrop) and size and profile.

Can you see why trying to this alone would be give you a brain ache?!

With so many options available for the choice of breast implant your best starting place is to sit down with a Board Certified plastic surgeon so you find out what breast implant options you have and you can collaboratively choose the right breast implant for your breast augmentation surgery.