Getting Breast Implants After Childbirth

How long after having a baby should you wait before getting breast implants?


Whether you’re prepping ahead of baby’s arrival for a little mom body boost or your little bundle of joy has just arrived, when the focus of your breast augmentation is to get your pre-baby body (well, boobs) back it’s worth knowing that there is a bit of waiting required before you can head into surgery.

Post-baby to pre-baby Boobies

When you can head in to surgery after childbirth for a breast augmentation will depend on whether you’re nursing or not.

Obviously, no surgeon would agree to place breast implants in a mother who is breastfeeding!

It would not be safe to undergo a general anesthetic or to take post-op meds if you’re nursing, as these can transfer into your breast milk to your little one. It would also not be possible to select an appropriate breast implant because breasts during nursing are super swoll up from the milk so it won’t be a reflection of your true post-baby breasts. There’s also the safety side: when nursing there’s always the risk of a breast infection (mastitis) and having an infection when heading in to a breast augmentation would put you at risk of complications like capsular contracture.

Once you’ve finished breastfeeding, the general advice from plastic surgeons is that it’s ok to get breast implants about 6-8 weeks after you’ve completed nursing. Again, like all things BA, some surgeons will recommend waiting slightly longer. This will give your breasts time to return to their final resting place (and your hormones will also have leveled out by then).

A consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon will give you an opportunity to discuss what you want to achieve from a breast augmentation after having a baby. Best of luck!!