Eden’s A-Z of Breast Augmentation: The Letters I, J & K

Knowledge is power, girl!


The key to having a smooth boobie journey is a delicate balance of getting the information you need to be informed while not letting yourself become mentally overloaded and overwhelmed.

Eden's A-Z dictionary of all things breast implants and breast augmentation is your quick-reference to getting informed.

I... I... I..

IDEAL Breast Implant

The IDEAL implant is a type of saline implant with innovative internal structures, designed to control movement of the saline and support the implant edges to reduce wrinkling.



The FDA defines a breast implant as...

...medical devices that are implanted under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle to increase breast size (augmentation) or to rebuild breast tissue after mastectomy or other damage to the breast (reconstruction).



The site where your surgeon makes a cut in your skin and tissues to insert the implant is your 'incision site'.



Infection is a possible complication after any surgery. Signs of infection include increased pain, swelling, redness, or warmth and a fever.


Your surgeon will use many measures in surgery to reduce the chance of infection, and your job is to look after yourself any take any meds prescribed by your surgeon.


Informed Consent

You'll be giving your 'informed consent' when you know and understand the risks and benefits of breast implants and augmentation surgery.


Inframammary Fold (IMF)

Inframammary basically means below/under your breast. And the 'fold' (or 'crease')...

 ...is a natural boundary of a breast from the place where the breast and the chest meet.

One possible incision site is in this natural crease under your breast.



Pre- and post-op instructions. They're tailored to you. Because surgery is as individual as you are.


Follow your surgeon's instructions if you want to help your road to recovery and to get the best results from your surgery.


Internal Bra

The Internal Bra is a strong, permanent suture technique used to correct implant pocket problems. It's used in revision surgeries to correct complications such as symmastia, bottoming out, or lateral displacement.


Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

This is more of a philosophy than a dictionary entry! Take for example the size of implant you pick. If you have range of implant sizes to pick from, just because you can go for the biggest volume it doesn't mean you should. Make all your boobie decisions 'considered decisions'.

And K...

Keller Funnel

The Keller Funnel is a medical device invented by Dr. Kevin M. Keller, which helps surgeons to place silicone breast implants directly into the breast via a ‘no touch’ technique. There are lots of potential benefits from using such a device in breast implant surgery. A 'no touch' technique decreases the chances of bacterial contamination, which is thought to be linked to the common BA complication 'capsular contracture'.


I hope my A-Z breast augmentation dictionary demystifies some of the funny things you may have heard about on your boobie journey. Look out for my other articles covering the rest of the alphabet!