Eden’s A-Z of Breast Augmentation: The Letter L

Some of the things you’ll learn during your breast augmentation will be all new, all unknown stuff.

breast augmentation learning

...and some of it is a unique, BA language! All new, all unknown, and all stuff to take on board to understand all things breast implants and breast augmentation surgery.

Take a load off, girl.

Kick back, and settle in for another installment of Eden's A-Z Breast Augmentation dictionary.

Lifestyle compatibility with your breast implants

Make sure your lifestyle will be totally compatible with your breast implants!

Your existing anatomy + your augmentation goals + your lifestyle + the right implant for you = your new girls

It's really important to communicate how you live your life, so your Board Certified plastic surgeon can help you pick the right implant for you. 

Breast Lift

Breast implants can give very mildy sagging breasts 'a little lift'.

breast lift

The more ptosis (sagging or drooping) of the breast tissue (caused by weight fluctuations, breastfeeding and ageing) the more chance you'll need a specific surgery to re-shape the breasts - a breast lift may be part of your breast implant surgery.

Weight Lifting

You'll have restrictions on when and how much you can lift (day-to-day stuff) in the weeks after your breast augmentation.

After you've fully recovered, if you're into weights as part of your exercise program there may be some restrictions on what muscle groups you can work on. If lifting is a key part of your lifestyle be sure to communicate it with your surgeon, so your surgery and your implant choices are tailored to you.

Listen to your plastic surgeon

La la la... I'm not listening!

listen to your plastic surgeon

This is not the attitude to have at any point in your boobie journey! You can't bury your head in the sand if you hear something you don't like the sound of.

Listening to your surgeon is paramount. Let their information, and answers to any questions you have be the ones that guide you in your boobie journey.

Breast implant Location

Also called 'placement' or 'plane' this is where in relation to your breast and chest muscle your implant is placed (e.g. under or over the chest muscle). 

Breast Implant Look

There are two main 'looks' when you choose to get breast implants:

  • The 'natural' look - from the side, the breast looks like a ski slope... more volume at the bottom (lower pole) of the breast than the top (upper pole)

  • The 'augmented' look - from the side (or the front) the breast looks round and the outline of the implants are visible... volume at the bottom and the top of the breast, with an 'enhanced' upper pole fullness.

Lower pole

Imagine a horizontal line on your breast with your nipple in the centre of the line. The breast below the line is lower pole.


Take the strain off the educational part of your boobie journey with Eden's A-Z of all things breast implants! Look out for my other articles covering the rest of the alphabet!