Eden's A-Z of Breast Augmentation- The Letter A

Along the way of your breast augmentation journey you're going to hear all sorts of new words and phrases!

But girl, sometimes it ain't as easy as ABC!

That's where Eden's A-Z  comes in ;)

Think of it as your urban dictionary of all things breast implants and breast augmentation.

Let's kick things off with the letter A.

A is for...

breast implants

Acellular Dermal Matrix

This stuff is a special collagen (a protein that helps give our skin strength and elasticity) material used for soft-tissue reconstruction surgery.

In breast augmentation, acellular dermal matrix is stitched inside the breast to offer support. Its most common use in breast augmentations is for revision e.g. bottoming out or other types of breast implant displacement.

Anesthesia during your breast augmentation

Go to sleep and wake-up with new breasts!

Anesthesia during your breast augmentation

Yep, anesthesia is the stuff that's going to make you fall asleep for surgery. And, you have two main anesthesia options for a breast augmentation procedure:

  • General anesthesia (GA) - a full dose of medicines to send you to sleep, helping you feel no pain or other sensations during your surgery (as you have no awareness), or

  • Twilight sedation - a mild dose of medicines to sedate you, relaxing you and causing sleepiness (so you'll have some awareness but won't remember your surgery), you still won't feel any pain and coming out of a sedation is quicker than a GA.

Antibiotics as part of your breast augmentation

Antibiotics are a medicine used to treat or prevent bacterial infection. In breast augmentations antibiotics are given intravenously during (or just before) surgery and the surgeon may also prescribe antibiotics post-op (for anywhere between 3-14 days). Preventing infection is important in many ways - you don't want to have any post-op complications.

Areola breast implant Incision

When making your incision decision, the areola (aka nipple or periareolar) incision is one of four possible sites to place an implant into the breast.

Armpit breast implant Incision

The armpit (or transax) incision is another of the four possible incision sites when you make your incision decision.


Every woman's breasts are sisters, not twins! They are not identical. So, it's totally normal for you to have some assymmetry (size and/or shape differences in your breasts).


The official dictionary definition of 'augmentation' is "the action or process of making or becoming greater in size or amount".

So a breast augmentation, quite simply, is making the breasts bigger.

Augmented breast implant Look

Sometimes referred to as the 'fake' look. Using breast implants to give the breasts a full, rounded look. Achieved through consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon to review existing anatomy ('before' boobs) and goals and selecting the right profile, position, and size of implant.

Aunt Flo during your breast augmentation

Well, we all know who Aunt Flo is! Whatever you call it (period, that time of the month, girl flu, crimson tide), when she comes up in the BA conversation it's usually because we're worried she'll ruin our BA surgery party. She doesn't have to, and to find out why, simply read my article on Aunt Flo and surgery.

I hope my A-Z breast augmentation dictionary demystifies some of the funny things you may have heard about on your boobie journey. Look out for my other articles covering the rest of the alphabet!