Eden’s A-Z of Breast Augmentation: The Letters N & O

When you're making a big life decision (which getting breast implants definitely is!) information is your friend!


Get the balance right of knowing enough (the Goldilocks 'just right' of pre-BA research!) and you'll be armed to make the right decisions and to give yourself the best chance of being happy with your results.

We're just past the halfway point in Eden's A-Z, so let's check out the letters N and O.


N is for...



We’ve all got them... and in women their biological purpose is breastfeeding, but the nipple is also a landmark on your breast.

Nipples come in all shapes and sizes so sometimes a breast augmentation may also include some element of nipple re-sizing or re-positioning.

And... the nipple is one of your your possible incision sites (the entry point for the implant going in to the breast). A nipple incision is also known as 'areolar' or 'peri-areolar' which is just below the nipple, and in the crease of your areola.



Surgery disrupts (and, at worst, cuts through) nerves. Straight after surgery don’t be surprised if areas of your breasts and nipples are numb.

Nerves that have been cut will not regrow or regenerate so some permanent numbness is a possible downside of breast augmentation. Nerves that have been stretched or disrupted by surgery will re-fire (you feel this as sharp pains like a rubber band snapping on your skin!) over time, and feeling will return.




Yuck! No one likes feeling nauseous. Surgery - the anesthetic and the different medications (pain relief and antibiotics) – can make you feel quite queasy.  Nausea (and even vomiting) is a common complication after surgery. Although it’s not dangerous it can be pretty unpleasant.

Some surgeons prescribe anti-sickness meds. Managing post-op nausea is about being prepared and looking after yourself well.



Not all that different from pre-birth nesting, some women experience a sort of BA ‘nesting instinct’ whereby they go in to cleaning and tidying and organizing overdrive in the month or so prior to their surgery.

Preparation is key after all!


Natural look

'Camp Natural' align themselves to wanting their ‘new boobs’ to look anatomically like a non-augmented breast.


The natural look is characterized by a 'ski-slope' side-view with the most breast fullness in the lower pole.


And O...


One of the main implant ‘locations’ (i.e. where in the breast in relation to breast tissue and the chest muscle).

Overs are... implants placed over the chest (or pec) muscle.


Also called 'sub-glandular', the implant is sandwiched between the chest muscle and the breast tissue.

Overs are a great implant location for: larger pre-surgery breasts, slightly drooping breasts, a faster recovery, a more natural hang to the breasts, and those with a very active lifestyle.


Whichever way you approach the pre-surgery research phase of your boobie journey, if you keep an open mind and make sure your aim is to be fully informed you'll be giving yourself the best chance of a long and happy relationship with your new breasts. Check back for the rest of Eden's A-Z of breast augmentation and breast implants.