Eden’s A-Z of Breast Augmentation: Letters G & H

With so much new stuff to learn about breast implants and breast augmentation, your boobie journey at times can feel like a mission!

Boobie journey

And, as any good mission needs a briefing, let me breakdown some of the key terms you'll hear along the way with Eden's A-Z: Letters G & H

Boobie Goals

Knowing what you want your breasts to look like after surgery = your augmentation goals. Knowing them and communicating them to your Board Certified plastic surgeon is an important part of your boobie journey.

Boobie Guide

To help you figure our your augmentation goals it can help to have a boobie guide. Wish boobs, boob inspo, whatever you call it, having a Boobie Guide is a great way to show your surgeon what look you’re going for.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants

A highly-cohesive silicone gel implant.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants

They're nicknamed 'gummy bear' implants because their filling is like the consistency of... you guessed it... a gummy bear! 

Hematoma Surgery Complication

A hematoma is a collection of blood that can form after any surgery. It's a possible complication of any surgery. If it's minor it'll resolve by itself. A hematoma may require surgery to fix if it becomes larger, swollen and painful.

Hormones after your Breast Augmentation

Your body is usually pretty good at keeping your hormones in balance. Surgery can totally mess with this balance.

Hormones after your Breast Augmentation

If you're feeling low after surgery, stay healthy and be kind to yourself... it gets better.

boobie Hypochondriac

It is totally normal to have some pre- and post- breast augmentation worries. If you're worrying about every little thing you may have a case of boobie hypochondria. If you did, you wouldn't be alone. Take stock and share any fears to lighten your worry load.

Hyperpigmentation after a breast augmentation

If your freshly-healing scars are exposed to any UV light (e.g. through bathing suits) they can heal much darker than your surrounding skin... this is hyperpigmentation.


It'd be easy to become overwhelmed by all the new information you're picking up on your boobie journey. I hope my A-Z breast augmentation dictionary helps break it down in to bitesize chunks. Look out for my other articles covering the rest of the alphabet!