Eden’s A-Z of Breast Augmentation: Letters E & F

Learning all you can about breast implants ahead of your surgery is a great way to get informed.

That includes the facts and the funny bits!

Yep, there's some funny stuff to learn about breast implants... really!

In this installment of the alphabetical roadmap of breast implants and augmentation let's look at the letters 'E' and 'F'.

Breast Enlargement

Just another way of saying making your breasts bigger (with implants).

You may also hear it called ‘enhancement’.


Breast Implants and Exercise

Love it or hate it, exercise is an important way to keep healthy.

Breast Implants and Exercise

When you’re recovering from a breast augmentation your early days (and weeks) should be spent refraining from exercise. This can be really tough if you’re a gym bunny!

Following all of your surgeon’s post-op instructions about when to start exercise again is key to ensuring you have a smooth recovery.


Breast Augmentation Expectations

As in, keep them in check girl. Get your expectations right and you’re giving yourself the best chance of riding any boobie blues and of having a long and happy relationship with your new girls.

Tempering your expectations is one of my boobie mantras.

Extrusion (A Breast Implant Complication)

An extrusion is a possible breast implant complication.

An extrusion is when a part of the implant pushes through a weak area of breast tissue over the implant, causing a lump on the breast. It typically happens on the side of the breast.

It's super rare but if you notice a change in your breasts or are worried, always reach out to your surgeon.

do breast implants make me fake?

No! Big breasts don't equal 'fake'.

do breast implants make me fake?

If you want your breasts to look like you've had breast implants you're asking for a more 'augmented' look. The 'fake' look gives you more rounded breasts with more upper pole fullness and projection.


Fat Grafting instead of breast implants

A procedure carried out under local anesthetic, where fat is removed from the body via liposuction and then re-injected into the breasts.

Fat Grafting instead of breast implants

Fat grafting is a way of increasing bust size without a breast implant. 

FDA approved breast implants

The FDA is the U.S Food and Drug Administration. Their job is to inform us about the risks of any drugs and medical procedures where breast implants are concerned. If you feel overwhelmed by any of the technical stuff about breast augmentation your Board Certified plastic surgeon will be able to explain how it all applies to you. 

Breast Implant Firmness

Breast Implants are never going to feel 100% like a natural breast, but they get pretty darn close. If you experience increased firmness after surgery it’s a sign to check-in with your surgeon.

Flex Distortion with Breast Implants

Flex distortion (also called animation deformity or active displacement) describes the movement (and subsequent shape change) when the pectoralis (chest) muscle contracts and compresses and/or moves a breast implant that’s in the submuscular (unders) position.

Fluffing of Breast Implants

As your post-surgical swelling and tightness subsides, and as your skin, muscles and tissues stretch to accommodate your implants you’ll start to notice your breasts softening.

Drop and Fluff of Breast Implants

This is the 'fluff' part of drop and fluff.

Fluid during your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Swelling is a normal part of the healing process after surgery. Swelling is made up of 'fluid', which your body creates and sends to an 'injured' area to help it heal.

Follow-Ups with your Plastic Surgeon

Follow-ups are an important part of your boobie recovery where your surgeon checks to ensure you and your new girls are healing up properly. Find out before you sign the dotted line of the surgery consent form what your surgeon’s follow-up schedule is.


Implants take time to settle in to place and for your 'new breasts' to emerge from their chrysalis to their beautiful butterfly final look! ( an extreme analogy but I'm into it lol)


In the early weeks and months after surgery your breasts make look square, oblong, flat, one may be higher than the other, one may be bigger than the other... basically, they may look weird and not at all ‘boob-shaped’ (and for that matter how you were expecting them to look). THIS is Frankenboob.

Furry Brazilian breast implants

This is a nickname for a type of breast implant. It's a silicone gel implant with a Polyurethane foam coating (which feels kinda furry!). One of the most popular implant of this type is made in Brazil. Hence the name!


I hope my A-Z breast augmentation dictionary helps clear up some of the words you may have heard used during your boobie journey. Look out for my other articles covering the rest of the alphabet!