Will Breast Implants Affect My Areola Size?

If you’re thinking about getting breast implants you’ll probably be thinking about how a breast augmentation could improve your overall self-confidence.

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Learning how breast implants will enhance your breasts is a super exciting part of your pre-surgery journey.

You may find yourself wondering how exactly breast implants will change your breasts. And even… your areola size.

Let’s talk…. Areola’s

If you’re considering getting breast implants you might be wondering how exactly surgery will change how your areola’s look.


Will they get bigger or stay the same with breast implants?

The answer: probably a bit bigger.

Let me explain why… let’s talk areolas!


First - the areola is the colored part around the nipple. The nipple is the projection from the center of the areola. Know that we covered that…

When a breast implant is placed inside the breast it adds volume to enhance the size and/or shape of the breast.

Adding volume naturally stretches out the skin over the top of the breast tissue. (including your areolas). But… take a breath… not by as much as you're probably thinking (side note: unless it’s a super-sized 650+ cc breast implants)!

The skin stretch from an implant placed inside the breast, either under or over the muscle position, puts forward pressure on the skin overlying the breast tissue and your areola is included in this stretch scenario.

Straight after surgery your nipples may be quite stretched and puffy but this will subside as any post-op swelling subsides… the same way you shouldn’t judge your post-op breast results until at least 6 months after surgery.

If after surgery your areola size is on your mind, talk to your Board Certified plastic surgeon about it. (An areolar reduction is a very quick and easy procedure to do.) Breast implants may slightly enlarge your areolas due to stretching of the skin overlying the breast to accommodate the volume of an implant. But… it likely won’t be a huge difference!