Part 4: How to Choose Your Perfect Breast Size

Boobie Greed – Don’t Have Regrets

Yes, Boobie Greed is a real disease! To make sure you don’t contract it, using software, trying on sizers, and looking at before and after photos of breast augmentation all aid in picking the best breast implant for you.

In general, I usually recommend to my patients to choose a breast implant volume that you’re happy with, or possibly one that is 25-50 cc bigger.

If you’re in my office, the best volume is usually the breast implant that’s a little too big, but you can live with it.

Why? Two Reasons.

The first reason is physical – Breast implants under your breast tissue and under your breast muscle/pectoralis muscle will be physically compressed or squeezed, resulting in a slightly smaller size long term than what you will see in the office trying on sizers.

Even if you wear a compression bra or snug bra, that usually does not replicate fully how compressed your breast implants will be inside of your body.

The second reason is psychological – most women, 6–12 months after breast augmentation surgery, will be happy with their results but sometimes they wish they had gone a little bigger. I think this is because your body and mind get used to having the breasts that you have, and you can psychologically accept an even larger size than your mind can envision before surgery.

So, two good reasons why Boobie Greed is real, and avoiding this dreaded disease is possible by picking the breast implants that look good pre-surgery, or look just a touch too big, but is acceptable to you.

Eden has written an article about Boob Greed called The Reality of Boobie Greed, and I've got one on my blog as well.

In Conclusion – Be Happy!

n the end, the choice is yours as to your ideal cup size. As you can see, there is a lot of science, measuring, and re-measuring to get the best breast implant to achieve the cup size you want. For one more piece of reading, Eden has written a great article with three tips to decide how big you should go.