Part 3: How to Choose Your Perfect Breast Size

Pre-Surgery Measurements are VITAL

Just like carpentry, it’s important in breast augmentation to “measure twice, cut once”. I tend to make repeated breast measurements over 2-3 consultations before any breast augmentation to make sure that my patients get the “just right” breast implant volume and profile to get them the results that they want.

Breast Augmentation Software and Trying On Breast Implants

Today, 3D breast augmentation imaging before surgery is a great tool. However, it’s not the only tool that I use. The old fashioned way of actually trying on sample breast implants in the office is a great way to “see” in the office what your end result will be.

Using both tools—software imaging and trying on breast implant sizers—has resulted in increased patient satisfaction, and more assurance and certainty on my patient’s part and my part that you will get the cup size that you want after your breast augmentation surgery.

I use Crisalix software, which is available over the internet, and does not require an actually physical visit to my office. The Vectra system is also popular, but does require a visit to the office, since it’s so big. I have many breast implant sizers in the popular volumes and profiles in my office as well.

For more on 3D breast imaging, Eden has written an article about the Vectra here: 3D Breast Augmentation.