Part 1: How to Choose Your Perfect Breast Size

Introduction to Cup Size

Generally, patients have a very specific idea of what cup size and shape they want their breast augmentation to end up with. A “C” cup is considered average, and my patients and I usually visualize this as breasts proportionate to your chest, hips, and the rest of your body. A “B” cup is smaller than average, and a “D” cup is bigger than average.

As all women know, and most plastic surgeons know, cup size is all over the map regarding bra manufacturers. The key is to get your end result, or “vision” of your breast augmentation, into the correct breast implant dimensions- both volume and profile.

What Plastic Surgeons Think When Discussing Cup Size

Plastic Surgeons are nerds, and know there a lot of variables regarding breast augmentation. We have to take into account your body, the amount of pre-existing breast tissue you have, how much skin stretch you have, where your current breast fold is, if we we have to lower your breast fold, your breast width, some rib cage measurements- the list is pretty long. However, when thinking about breast implants and your breast augmentation, the key technical measures are your breast implant volume, breast implant width, and breast implant thickness/ height.

Only after considering your individual body can I make the best recommendation for your specific breast implant, and breast augmentation result.