Breast Implant Decision: Bigger or Smaller?

If you are on the fence about how big to go with your breast augmentation, I can definitely empathize with you.

Even after I had done all the right things... found my Boobie Guide, made my rice sizers, etc., I still wasn't 100% sure that I was making the decision that I'd be ok with a year down the road.

And you know what didn't help at all?

It seemed like every women I talked to wished they had gone bigger. When I'd casually ask, "Would you change anything about your decision?" they would get that look in their eyes, grab both of my shoulders, and say, "Yes! I'd go BIGGER!"

Ok... let's pause for just a moment...


There are only three things on the planet that can never be too big... televisions, bank accounts, and washing machines (am I right?)

Everything else can get out of control, and there is definitely a line that all of us could cross when it comes to how big our breasts implants are.

I've talked to women who have 800cc's and wish they had gone bigger, and I've talked to women who have 280cc's and wish they had gone smaller... so don't feel like this is a matter of cup size.

In reality, it's a matter of a lot of things... how your clothes make them look, the way they look on you, even the way other people look at you. You get my point.

Unfortunately, most of us do wish we had gone bigger or smaller with our breast implants, myself included. And at some point, you've got to answer the inevitable...

Are you going to err on the side of bigger or smaller?

Here's the best advice I can give you... go find a mirror (or turn on your forward-facing camera), and say both of these sentences out loud:

  • It's ok if I end up a little smaller than I want.

  • It's ok if I end up a little bigger than I want.

I can promise that one of those sentences is going to feel more peaceful than the other. Pick that one, tell your plastic surgeon, and above all...

Be confident in your decision.

Remember... we're not talking about rinse cycles and wash capacity here, we're talking about breast implants.

Let yourself off the hook of having to be "the perfect size" and be ok with ending up a little one way or another. Not only will it make your procedure less stressful, but you'll be setting yourself up to love your results.

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

This is great advice from Jenny.

The reality is, the difference that you would be able to see between two implants next to each other in volume is minimal, if at all. So I always recommend finding a target size, and having that conversation with yourself about whether you'd rather lean toward a slightly smaller or slightly larger implant.

We have found our 3D imaging system to be such a great guide in making sure that you feel comfortable with your choice.