Choosing Breast Implants: Should You Go for a Natural or Augmented Look?

I am in love commercials (especially those with jingles!), and one of my favorite campaigns of all time is “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” by Apple.

Their quest was to convince the world that Mac’s were superior and cooler than PC’s. Now whether or not they succeeded, I’ll leave up to you—but the underlying principle was important... There are two camps in the digital world, and everyone must decide where they want to pitch their tent.

A similar decision has to be made when having a breast augmentation...

And before we dive into those worlds I want to be really clear—one camp is not wrong nor better than the other. They are simply unique.

But even so, it’s important that we all choose one or one will be chosen for us.

The options? Camp Breast Implants Natural and Camp Breast Implants Augmented.

Deciding whether or not you want your breasts to look more natural vs. more augmented (or “fake” as some women prefer to say) is an important part of your pre-augmentation journey.

Some women getting breast implants simply want a larger, yet still anatomically natural look, where others prefer a more rounded, augmented look. Again, this is totally a matter of personal preference, and everyone’s desire is valuable.

For me, the decision was easy.

Having had large natural breasts (before my reduction), I knew I wanted a different look and feel—a more augmented look and feel.

I honestly don’t think it’s weird when I hear women say they want “stripper boobs.” While I think there’s a better way to express it, I totally understand what they’re saying.

There is certainly no shame in wanting an augmented look after breast implants!

In the same way, it’s perfectly fine to want a more natural, well-endowed look. One of my girlfriends who has had a breast augmentation simply preferred for her breasts to look large because of genetics. Unless you knew she had breast implants, you probably wouldn’t even consider the possibility—and she is extremely happy with her results.

So how do you decide what your preference is? You let your Boobie Guide decide for you. And whether you chose to pitch your tent in Camp Breast Implant Natural or Camp Breast Implant Augmented, I promise that you’ll be loved, accepted, and (mostly) understood by both :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

While some limitations due exist, mainly related to the size of the implant that can be placed, the overall look is largely your preference.

We have found that most of our patients are seeking a more conservative or natural appearance, typically restoring the changes after having children. Our Vectra 3D imaging system has also been a very helpful tool in guiding this process.