Breast Implants Are Getting Lighter In Britain!

Britain is getting the lightest breast implant ever created... meet the B-Lite Implant. A breast implant that is 30% lighter than any other implant on the market, created by a man named Dael Govrin—a biochemical engineer based in Israel.

Since breast implants first gained popularity back in the sixties, they have remained virtually the same weight. And whether you have naturally big or augmented breasts, the weight can eventually stretch out the skin and cause your breasts to sag.

B-Lite implants are also supposed to be more fluid in movement than traditional implants, giving them a much more natural look.

B-Lite implants use the solid form of silicone that is actually formed into tiny balls of silicate, weighing 30% less than traditional implants.

Saline or gel-based implants usually can weigh around one-pound apiece, but B-Lite implants would be more comparable to the weight of your natural breast. One woman participating in the B-Lite trial reports that the implant actually feels lighter than her natural breast!

So now there’s just one lingering question... when will these lighter implants arrive in the United States and how long do I have to wait until I swamp mine out?! :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

New technology in medicine is always fun to think about and exciting in that it represents progress. Ever a skeptic, I can see some of their claims as useful and others as nonsense.

First, who wouldn't want lighter implants!?!

Second, my bet is they don't change how natural the results are. How the breast moves after augmentation is primarily the result of how the person's natural breast tissue moves.

Implants are usually held pretty securely in place and, although the whole implant can move, movement inside the implant (which is what this company claims) isn't likely to be enough to make a visible difference. They are definitely on my radar, though.