Why Breast Implant Size Shouldn't Matter

I know this sounds crazy to some of you, but I’m being totally serious! If you’ve ever had a mild obsession with the number of your dress size, or your body measurements (waist, hips, bust) this kind of thing totally travels with you when you embark on a breast augmentation journey.

Breast Implant Size Shouldn't Matter

We are all used to the odd wardrobe tweak to get a smaller waist or a perky bottom and flatter tummy (thank you Spanx). I spent years perfecting an optical boobie illusion with a good bra!

We must, we must we must increase our bust!

Who remembers this boobie chant from their teenage years?!

It seems we’ve always been conditioned to want big boobs! But, what’s in a number (or implant size, for that matter)?

Breast Implant Sizing Can Be Confusing!

When you start your boobie journey you’re catapulted in to a world of breast implant volumes, cc's, statistics, do-it-yourself sizer tutorials and boobie inspiration idols (Boobie Guides!), so it’s no wonder we become a bit number (and cup-size) obsessed.

You may go for a breast augmentation consultation and leave feeling downhearted that the number of cc’s a plastic surgeon suggests for you just doesn’t seem ‘enough’, or even that they’re suggesting a size so crazy that you just can’t take it in!

What breast implant size should I pick?

Take it back a step girl.

I tell every lady that asks me for a breast implant cc opinion the same thing...

Don't worry about it

If you pick a Boobie Guide and show your plastic surgeon pictures, they will be able to pick the perfect size breast implant for you.

DEFINITELY don’t try and guess this stuff before your consultation. 400cc might look amazing on your friend but won’t necessarily be the right size for you. There is a science to picking the right breast implants!

Which is why your plastic surgeon does all the groundwork, and should give you a few options to pick from.

Choosing a breast implant size

If you do find yourself spiraling in to the murky boob greed waters hold on to this thought:

Smaller breast implants may actually be better in the long run.

The larger the breast implant, the more chance the breast will be stretched (in the long term).. so it may actually be better to be slightly smaller than too large. Remember that when you think I should have gone bigger”.

If you do have your heart set on ‘extra large boobies’ it might be a bit more of a journey... it may take you more than one breast surgery to get your ideal outcome.

Whatever you decide...  when we’re talking about your desired (or actual) breast implant or cup size the size and number really shouldn’t matter.

Don't get caught up on numbers and comparing yourself to other Boobie Sisters. Perfection is not reality, and it's so important to have realistic goals on this journey!

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

So. . . I've never had implants.

It's the reason I play the role of guide but not decider with implant size and it's part of why I am so appreciative of our team who can provide insight into things like what big implants mean when you're shopping for clothes. It's also why I love VECTRA.

With VECTRA you can see how implants look on your body so a person with a wide chest can see why we might not pick high profile implants and someone with a short torso can see why big implants might look bigger than they expect.