All About The Inspira Silicone Gel Breast Implants

When you're deciding which breast implant is right for you you'll have a few key decisions.

One of these is: implant type. Silicone, or saline?


It doesn't stop there, though! There are several silicone implant manufacturers.

I'm going to hone-in on Allergan's more popular type of silicone implants: Inspira Silicone Gels.

Allergan's Inspira Silicone Gels

Allergan is one of the leading manufacturers of breast implants.

In 2017 the FDA approved their newest range of silicone breast implants: Inspira.

Inspira silicone gel implants come in a variety of profiles (how much the implant projects from the side) and sizes (volume - the amount of silicone filling).

What's so interesting about these new implants is their unique combination of cohesiveness (more on that in a minute!) and softness. The Inspira range give a fuller appearance than other silicone gel implants while also having a natural feel.

Silicone is... silicone is...

Silicone exists from a liquid to a solid and everything in between.

Liquid solid

The first silicone breast implants were at the liquid end of the spectrum with a thick solid shell (the outside bit of the implant holding the filling in).

Fast forward to today and silicone breast implants have a firmer gel-like consistency with a softer shell. We talk about this silicone gel in terms of how cohesive it is. Basically, how well it holds together (the science bit). The more cohesive it is the more the implant holds its shape, which means less wrinking and rippling. Usually though, the more cohesive an implant the firmer it is.

Inspira silicone gel implants have a unique combination of cohesiveness and softness. So, they keep their shape but also tend to feel more natural.

The Inspira range comes in three different level of cohesiveness:

  • Responsive
  • Soft Touch
  • Highly Cohesive

In the range, the more cohesive the implant, the more the fullness it will “hold” in the upper portion (or 'pole') of the breast.

Inspira Responsive

The Responsive implant is the least cohesive of the three in the Inspira range. 


The implant is fuller than traditional silicone implants but has the Inspira's unique soft feel. It's the softest (or squishest) of the three.

Good for: women with more existing breast tissue.

Inspira Soft Touch

The Soft Touch is an in-between option... slightly fuller again, more cohesive but still with the soft touch feel.

Soft Touch

Good for: women wanting a cohesive implant that's not too firm.

Inspira Cohesive

This is the most cohesive implant in the Inspira range. It's more firm than the other 'gummy' implants and are the least likely to wrinkle and ripple. 


Good for: women with less existing breast tissue or thin breast skin, revisions and women wanting an augmented look.

All three of the Inspira silicone gel implants is designed to keep upper pole fullness after placement in the breast whilst also feeling natural. 

If this implant sounds interesting to you be sure to ask your chosen Board Certified plastic surgeon. There are lots of factors that go in to choosing the right breast implants for you and there's no substitute for a thorough discussion with your surgeon... and even to feel the implant types in your surgeon's office during your consultation.