Traveling out of State to Find the Right Surgeon

Finding the right plastic surgeon for your Breast Augmentation is a bit like finding the right pair of jeans!


I don’t know about you, but I find finding a new pair of jeans is a tricky task.

There’s a lot of style options… endless places to buy them (malls, independent stores, or online) and then I’ve got to figure out what I want the jeans for AND there’s the trying-on bit!

Finding The ONE

Finding the right surgeon for YOU, for YOUR breast augmentation surgery is pretty much one of THE most important bits of a breast augmentation journey.


I get asked a LOT how to pick the right surgeon. There’s a lot of factors to picking the right surgeon. For example: trusting your gut instinct, their credentials, patient testimonials, their specific experience etc etc etc. There’s also some good steers for how NOT to pick your surgeon. You should never be steered by cost alone, for example!

But, it’s fair to say that a lot of women will choose a plastic surgeon on the key factors above PLUS someone who is within a set geographical radius of their home.

Let me throw you a curve ball now, though!

What if you picked a surgeon from ‘out of town’?

No distance

If you really want the BEST results from your surgery you may be considering surgeons who are actually quite some distance away from where you live.


I’m not talking about finding an overseas surgeon… I’m talking about putting your experience, and quality, above things like cost and distance.

Traveling for surgery won’t necessarily be any more involved than picking a local practice.

Traveling for surgery may not have been something you’d thought about. But when you think outside the box and consider ALL the different ways of finding the right surgeon for you, you might come to the conclusion that experience and quality are worth traveling for over and above cost and convenience. It just might be worth considering to get the best results for you.