5 Warnings from Surgeons About Extra Large Breast Implants

I've been very candid about the fact that I've always struggled with feeling like I went too small with my first breast augmentation. Boobie Greed has been a very real thing for me, and I talk to women everyday who wish they had gone bigger with their breast implants.

The good news for the vast majority of us is that we have a lot of options for getting to a size we are happy with. For most of us, that will simply mean slightly larger breast implants, maybe 150 to 200 additional CC's. For me, that would be going from 425cc's to around 550cc's—an increase of about 1 cup size.

But for some of us, getting the size we desire means going to what plastic surgeon's refer to as "extra large" breast implants.

Generally, breast implants 700cc's and above are considered "extra large" or "oversized."

Even with an oversized implant, you are still going to have the option of silicone or saline. Currently, most silicone and saline breast implants go all the way up to 800cc's, but there are 1200cc and 1500cc options available by special order in saline.

As an advocate for women who are 'just exploring or already enjoying' breast implants, it would be irresponsible of me to avoid talking about the increase likelihood of complications that can come out of the procedure. After speaking with countless plastic surgeons, I've consistently heard 5 warnings about extra large breast implants.

I want to make sure you are empowered with all the information you need to make the best decision. Please keep in mind that these complications generally increase as the implant size increases.

Complication 1: Stretch Marks

Often, women who go too big too fast end up with stretch marks that are completely irreversible.

Plastic surgeons who perform extra large breast augmentation will often recommend that women "stage" their procedure. So instead of going from an A-Cup to 800cc's, they will get something like 450cc's, then 6 to 12 months later swap the smaller implants out for the larger ones.

Complication 2: Thinning Skin

In addition to the risk of stretch marks, there's the risk of thinning skin. When skin is stretched too much, it can become more translucent and could potentially show the veins in your breasts or make the breast implant palpable or visible.

Droopiness often occurs much more quicker as well, which would require a breast lift in the future. In some case of 1000cc+ procedures, plastic surgeons told me it would be almost impossible to reverse the stretched skin.

Complication 3: Nipple Numbness

Women who decide to get extra large breast implants have a much higher risk of "nipple numbness." It's been explained to me that the protrusion of the breast implants can put too much pressure on the nerves going to the nipple, causing a woman to lose most or all sensation.

Complication 4: Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain

One important thing to consider about oversized breast implants is the additional weight that you will be carrying on your chest. Some women with extra large implants develop pain in their neck, shoulder and back.

You may be wondering how much breast implants weigh. Well 454cc's is roughly 1 pound, so to calculate the weight of breast implants just take the total cc's of each implant and divide it 454.

1600 cc's (two 800cc breast implants) divided by 454 = About 3.5 pounds

Complication 5: Firmer Feel

Lastly, women with extra large breast implants often find that their breasts no longer feel natural. That instead, they feel very firm. One plastic surgeon told me that he makes sure his patients understand that their breasts will feel more like volleyballs than they will breasts. Personally, I've never felt oversized implants, so I am unable to confirm or deny.

Regardless, it seems like the principle of them being much more firm is accurate.

As always, I sincerely hope this article has both informed and empowered you to make the best decision possible for you. If you have any questions or concerns about getting extra large breast implants, please send me a message and I will do whatever I can to get you a trustworthy answer!