5 Myths About High Profile Breast Implants

At some point during your research process, you’re probably going to bump into the term, “High Profile” or “Ultra High Profile” breast implants. There are a lot of myths going around about these types of breast implants, so I want to set your mind at ease.

Let’s bust some myths!

High Profile Breast Implants

"High-profile breast implants always look extremely round and fake."

Truth: Currently, with the exception of anatomical breast implants, all breast implants are round. Therefore, the way they look on your body has way more to do with 1) how the profile fits you, 2) the size and fill volume of your breast implant and 3) the type of bra/clothing you are wearing.

High Profile Breast Implants

"If I don't get high-profile breast implants, I’m going to have flat boobs with no projection."

Truth: Again, by increasing the fill volume (CC’s) of mod or mod-plus breast implants, both profiles can have really nice projection. This is great news for women with a wider breast base who high-profile breast implants would not look right on.

"High-profile breast implants are way more likely to rupture, because they are under more pressure."

Truth: Statistically, an ultra-high profile breast implant is no more likely to rupture than a moderate-profile breast implant.

Gap Between Boobs

"High-profile breast implants will leave a large gap in the center of my chest."

Truth: After getting breasts implants, the gap between your breasts is completely contingent on how wide your breasts were to begin with.

Ultra High Profile Breast Implants

Ultra High Profile Breast Implants

"If I want high-profile implants, I should demand my plastic surgeon use them."

Truth: You should show your plastic surgeon how you want your breasts to look after getting breast implants (using a Boobie Guide), and allow your surgeon to choose the profile for you. By measuring your “Breast Width Diameter” (BWD), they will be able to determine exactly what width of breast implant will fit your breasts best and give you the look you desire.

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

A consultation in our office is a two-way conversation. It's me understanding what you want and you learning about how we can translate what you want into a series of decisions that will lead you as close to that as possible.

Implant profile is one of those things where a quick lesson can often dramatically change what implant a woman would choose. It's one of the best parts of a consult to me, where I get to say: Hey, I know the internet is all over the place on high profile implants, here's what it really means in general and here's what it means for your body type and your results.