3 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Breast Implant Look

No matter how long you’ve thought about getting a breast augmentation, when you make the decision to go for it, it is so empowering!

Welcome to the start of your boobie journey.

And the best way to start any journey is to be prepared and to be informed.


You’re bound to have lots of questions as you head to the consultation with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon...

How big should I go?

How do I pick a size?

How will I look with breast implants?

Your Board Certified plastic surgeon will be able to expertly guide you and support you every step of the way... and answer all those questions you have.

Before you head in to that first consultation, let me start by sharing with you a little bit about what goes in to choosing the right implant look for you.

Decisions, decisions

How you want your breasts to “look” following surgery is unique to you, made up of size (how big you want to go) and whether you want them to look natural or augmented (how obvious your breast implants are).


Ok, so there are a LOT of things that determine the right breast implant look for you. I’ll let your chosen Board Certified Surgeon go into the precise details but to get you started there are 3 main things you should consider when choosing the right look for you.

1.       How much breast tissue you’re starting out with

This is probably one of the most important factors in determining the right implant for you. It’s all about your existing anatomy (I say that a lot – because it’s key, girl!).

Have you ever tried to park a large truck in a small parking space?!

Stick with me on this...

Imagine your existing breasts are the parking space and the breast implant is the truck! You can only get a certain size truck to fit your parking space. Still with me?


Your existing anatomy is key to the right size, shape and placement of implant for you – giving you the look you’re after. Your surgeon will assess your existing anatomy (breast skin & tissue) during a physical exam in your consultation, taking specific measurements of your breasts and chest. Combining this with what you want to achieve from breast augmentation (i.e. your augmentation goals), together you’ll find the right implants for you.

Your existing breast tissue will determine how an implant will look because – whether it’s under or over the muscle – your breast tissue lies over an implant, so it will impact on how natural or augmented your implant could look.

It’s super important to truly listen to your surgeon’s recommendations about the right implant for you because their advice comes from years of experience performing breast augmentation procedures and meeting patient expectations, while avoiding complications too.

2.       Your lifestyle

Are you a gym-bunny, totally into weights, a yoga devotee or maybe a self-confessed couch potato?


Breast implants can suit any lifestyle!

Girl, if an active lifestyle is ‘who you are’ be sure to share with your surgeon how you’ll be living with your implants after your surgery as this will them direct to the right implant and the right surgery for you.

When you communicate your augmentation goals to your chosen Board Certified Plastic Surgeon they really do need to know all about you so they can help marry-up your lifestyle with how you’d like your breasts to look.

For example, athletic women may opt for smaller, over-the-muscle implant placement if their exercise-of-choice involves a lot of chest muscle work.

3.       Bigger isn’t always better (with a first breast augmentation)

You might already know exactly how big you want to go. You might be open to ideas, or you might (as happens to lots of women planning a breast augmentation) yo-yo between several size options!

One of the main questions women ask themselves when planning their first augmentation is ‘how big should I go?’.  If your Board Certified Plastic surgeon gives you a few implant size options to choose from and you don’t know which one to go for, one of the best ways to decide is to ask yourself am I going to be okay if I end up bigger than I was expecting or smaller than I was expecting?

If you 100% know you want to ‘go big or go home’ take the guidance of your surgeon on how best to get the results you’re hoping for. Your surgeon will no doubt tell you that there are obvious risks to larger implants (thinning of breast skin and tissue, sagging, pain and discomfort, and greater chance of certain post-surgical complications like numbness), all down to the weight of the implants.

Deciding to go big should be an informed decision and is often a multiple-surgery journey. Which is why going BIG for a first augmentation will likely be discouraged by your surgeon.

If you head to your consultation with these three factors at the forefront of your mind you’ll be one step closer to a long and healthy relationship with your new breasts. Once you’ve chosen your ‘look’ let your Board Certified Surgeon guide you to the right implants for you.