Boobie Step #5: Set Your Date

Boobie Step 5 – Set Your Date
Boobie Step 5 – Set Your Date

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After your consultation, it's time to set a date!

My husband thought it was silly for me to dedicate a whole step to something as small as picking a date. But I know how anxious (and exciting!) this time can feel. This is the tipping point!

This is the point where all of us either give in to our fears or overcome them.

It’s also important to time your procedure. You might not know this yet, but besides needing about a week to get through the biggest part of recovery, it will take 4 to 6 months for your breasts to "Drop and Fluff."

To complete Step 5, call your surgeon and set your date!

To help you, check out the infographic below to know when your girls will be looking their best after surgery!

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