The Most Important Question for a Woman To Ask Herself

Last week I had to go to traffic court, because I didn't come to a complete stop at a stop sign. You know what that mean’s right? Traffic school!

(And to be totally transparent, I was kind of looking forward to it.)

My class was full of all kinds of people: country folk, hipsters, good ol’ boys, business men, etc. There was this one girl in particular… She was very pretty, all dressed up, and I think she had implants. The kind of girl that walks into a room and everyone notices.

But as soon as she opened her mouth, her beauty vanished. During the entire 4 hours, she was taking “selfies,”, making fun of the 65 year old teacher, and being condescending to the whole group.

My blood was boiling. Not because I disliked her, but because I knew she had bought a lie that so many women fall for.

Somewhere along the way, she started believing that she has no personal value unless others give it to her. “Look at me! I’m so cute, so funny, so much better... right?”

There’s a simple (but sometimes painful) question we can ask ourselves that will expose the truth of whether we’ve personally fallen for the same lie. Here it is…

“If I were to walk into a room and no one noticed me, would I still know that I’m a valuable, beautiful woman?”

True beauty transcends into who we are, how we carry ourselves, and the way we treat others.

Especially when no one else is looking. Let's be women with strong character who have a deep understanding of our beauty and value. Because if we don’t, not only is it damaging to others, but it chips away at our own hearts until one day we wake up and don’t even recognize the person we’ve become.