Candid Thoughts: When Your Past Isn’t Really Your Past

I just finished reading Pete Wilson’s latest book called, “Let Hope In.” I loved it. The basic premise is this:

Your past isn’t really your past if it’s still ruining your present.

Maybe you have hurts in the past that are about your breast size. I know I did. Or maybe you’re trying to mask your past hurts by getting an augmentation (but really what you need to do is simply forgive someone in order to heal.) Or maybe it’s something completely different that still shows up on a regular basis.

For me, it was the way that I treated one of my ex-boyfriends. I just wasn’t very nice to him when we broke up, and I think about it all the time. So I wrote him a letter to apologize, because I need him to stop showing up in my present.

Regardless of what it is for you, I want to encourage you...

Be honest about your past hurts and do whatever you have to for healing.

Pete's book would be a great place to start. It will only help you enjoy your present all the more—everything from your augmentation to your most authentic relationships.