Eden's Boobie Guide • Libby Powell vs. Miss Tina Louise

After narrowing my Boobie Guide down to two favorites, Libby Powell and Miss Tina Louise, I had to make a call. Find out who I chose! Wait, what's a Boobie Guide? A Boobie Guide is the woman who's breasts most closely mirror the look you want after getting an augmentation.

Video Transcript

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk about Boobie Step 3, which is Choose Your Look. That’s what I’ve been working on this past week since my last YouTube video. I’m really trying to nail down what look I’m trying to achieve. The best way to do that is to find your Boobie Guide.

A Boobie Guide is a woman who has the results that you want for yourself. A Boobie Guide really helps give your surgeon a good idea of what it is you’re wanting and it gives him an idea of what your goals are. It’s really important to find one boobie guide because it’s kinda like when you go get your hair cut and you take three different pictures to your hair stylist and they’re three different kinds of haircuts. That’s what it’s like for some surgeons getting multiple pictures of different women’s breast augmentations that you would want. For them it’s like, “Well these two are kind of similiar but this one’s not anything like the other two.” That’s why it’s really important you pick one Boobie Guide.

For me it started out I was looking at them and I was like, “You know, I really like Libby Powell’s.” I was really pumped about it and my excitement was still really high so my judgement wasn’t exactly where it needed to be. When I went back a couple of days ago and was really turning over, “Ok, what are the things that are important to me?”. Which are: being proportionate, I don’t want to look too top heavy and I want it to fit my lifestyle. When I looked through that lens of what I wanted and looked again at Libby Powell’s results they didn’t line up. I let my excitement cloud my judgement.

I hit the drawing board again. With this new filter I needed to be realistic about what my goals are and what it is I want, and who my Boobie Guide needs to be. I was looking through them again and Tina Louise kept rising to the surface from the back of my mind. I’ve always liked her look. I went back and I looked at her pictures on Instagram and was like, “You know, this nails exactly what I want!”. She’s not disproportionate, and her breasts aren’t too projecting and wide, so they fit her frame. She has great upper pole fullness which is really important to me and her nipple placement doesn’t seem too high, which is important to me as well.

The more and more I thought about it I realized, “That’s it, that’s my boobie guide, Tina Louise.” If you want to look at her Instagram it’s Miss_Tina_Louise. She’s a model from Australia living in California right now. She is a model, so she has some provocative photos on her Instagram. I totally get that’s what a lot of models do to get bookings and endorsements and that kind of thing. Also, to get a good idea of what their body looks like which is helpful for me in finding a Boobie Guide. So, there ya go!

I’m really interested to know who your Boobie Guide is, if you would just let me know below. I’m always looking for new inspirations to put on my website.

Later this week I’m going to talk about Boobie Step 4, which is Finding Your Surgeon.

I hope you guys have a great week!