Boobie Guides: Breast Implants Inspiration Photos

First, select a breast size...

It's time to find your Boobie Guide! In other words, the woman who’s breasts most closely mirror the look you want after getting an augmentation.

You won't find my Boobie Guides arranged by cup sizes. That's very intentional, because C-Cups can  look very different on two different women—so I want you to stop thinking about cup sizes.

Note: For the first round of Boobie Guides, I got the fastest options which were available—but I don't like how skinny and lacking in diversity these are. I will be adding more normal-sized and diverse women soon!

Instead of focusing on cup size, I want you to find a Boobie Guide who's breasts you like the look of. Then, you'll take that photo to your Patient Care Coordinator during your consultation!

Breast Implant Inspiration Photos

One of the most challenging (yet exciting) parts about considering a breast augmentation is looking at breast implant inspiration photos—sometimes called "Wish Boobs" or "Boob Goals." 

I've even heard them called "Boobie Idols," but I think that’s a really unhealthy name for them. It subconsciously creates an unrealistic comparison and expectation between one woman’s boobs and yours.

Remember: Your Boobie Guide is a guide, not the holy grail. You are unique as an individual, and your augmentation will be as well!

I've done my best to find a variety of  breast size, ethnicity, and body types, and I've also linked each photo to the ladies Instagram account in case you'd like to see more :-)

While all of the beautiful ladies I've included haven't necessarily had a breast surgery, you could absolutely take their photos to your plastic surgeon to give them an idea of how you'd like to look after your breast augmentation.

Remember that when you're looking through breast augmentation inspiration photos, it's important to keep your expectations realistic when it comes to your own breast surgery. Inspiration photos are meant to give your plastic surgeon an idea of the look you would like once you get breast implants.

I'd also like to reiterate that it's perfectly fine for you to choose a women who may or may not have breast implants for your inspiration photos. I know a lot of ladies who went to their plastic surgeon with non-augmented women!

Finally, I'm also happy to add additional photos to this list, so please reach out to me and let me know if you found someone who would be a great fit and I'll get them added.

Here are the links again, so that you don't have to scroll up and find them again :-)