Will I Have Cleavage After Breast Implants?

Cleavage after implants. For some (ok, most) ladies that’s a huge desire!

If you’re asking yourself…

Will I get cleavage with breast implants?

…the answer lies in your anatomy. What you have before implants will determine your look with implants.


If you haven’t already, I highly recommend looking at a range of before and after pictures of ladies who’ve got breast implants (surgeon’s websites are a great place to start). Try and find someone whose before boobs and anatomy looks close to yours.

You’ll notice a pattern… implants enhance what was there before. So, if you have cleavage before implants you’ll have cleavage with implants.

Try this little ‘at home test’:


Are you sitting alone? (you don’t have to be alone but for this test it’s best to be topless in front of a mirror so anything more public than this may not be ideal!)

Try pushing what natural breast tissue you have together with both hands.

Do you get cleavage? If yes, then you will after breast implant surgery. If not (or cleavage has always been elusive to you), implants won’t solve this for you totally.

How close together your natural breasts are depends on the shape of your chest. There’s not a lot that can safely be done to move breasts closer together.

There ARE some surgical ways to enhance your cleavage… but there’s only so much you can do before it starts to looks unnatural.

Using implants wider than your chest or placing them closer together (by releasing or cutting the chest wall muscles) can end up causing something called symmastia, or  “uniboob” (where it looks like you have one boob because they are so close together), AND it’s difficult to correct.

Implants too close together would also cause your nipples to go off center, meaning they would point outward! #notagoodlook

The Bra Is Your Friend

The official definition of “cleavage” (when referring to your breast crevasse) is: “the hollow between a woman’s breasts when supported”.

The bit of the definition that you should focus on is WHEN SUPPORTED. So, cleavage is basically all in the bra.


Don’t be bummed out in the early days if you don’t get cleavage with your bra purchases.

ONE, your breasts need to soften fully and TWO the perfect bra for you does exist. Trust me, you’re totally up for the hunt! Because when you do find that bra it’s a revelation!

So, we’ve established that post-operative cleavage always depends on what your natural pre-surgery cleavage is.

Make the bra your friend and don’t try to over manipulate mother nature. Make your peace with her instead. She may not always be our BFF but she is a thing of beauty 🙂

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