Why Implants May Not Be What You’re Expecting


No one can truly prepare you for what getting implants will feel like for you, but it’s still really useful to hear what it’s like for other women. A bit like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting… Breast Implants”!

surprise 3So, let me start by saying…

Put aside any existing ideas or misconceptions you have about breast implants.

Yes, the internet is a wonderful source of information. But, it’s also a terrible source of misinformation! I’ve busted some of the BA myths out there, but I can also share with you some of the reality of life with implants.

Such a Good Feeling

For most women, there is an almost indescribable transformation in your body confidence after a BA.


To anyone who doesn’t know you’ve had a breast augmentation, there will likely be a change in how you are that they may not be able to put their finger on.

You may hold yourself better, walk more confidently, and have a better sense of self. But first, you have to get to destination body confidence

A Period of Adjustment

Reaching the point of better body confidence is the holy grail of those undergoing a breast augmentation. The journey from your before boobs to being in love with your ‘new girls’ generally isn’t an overnight sensation.

That’s ok though, because you have a LOT of changes to go through, from the tight and swollen post-surgical look to your fully settled implants (it’s a matter of ‘drop and fluff’).

Some of things you might not be expecting (which turn out to be good things, even if some feel like they have a rocky start) are:

  • The weight of your implants – Depending on the size of your implants, the new weight of your breasts may surprise you (obviously the bigger the implant, the heavier it’ll be). You’ll soon learn how to hold yourself high and adjust your posture.
  • The bounce of your breasts – It can come as a surprise (especially if you started with very small breasts) when, after your breasts have softened and accommodated the implants, your notice the *jiggle*. Girl, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get bras that fit. As fun as the jiggle may feel (I’m talking proper smirking face!) it’s really important to support those girls and protect your investment.
  • Your bedroom alter ego – This is a personal subject, granted. But girl, it’s widely acknowledged that women who undergo a breast augmentation see that better body confidence translate to better bedroom confidence. There’s research that shows women with breast implants are more satisfied with their love lives. Embrace your inner sex kitten!

First Time… Second Time…

Just to be totally rounded here, I know some of us don’t get it right first time and that a BA revision may be in the future for some of you (myself included).


But that’s okay, and it’s perfectly normal. In fact, you shouldn’t start a boobie journey thinking it’s a one-time surgery. You may switch them through choice (to change size), or you may have to have something fixed because your implants (or your body) change somehow.

When you embark on a boobie journey you should expect some surprises along the way. Nobody can really tell you how you’ll look, feel and how your sense of self will change after surgery.

What I can tell you is that most of us boobie sisters agree, getting implants was one of the best decisions we ever made! 🙂

Hi, ladies!

I am so glad you're here, because I know exactly how it feels to look in the mirror and feel self conscious.

That was the story of my life until I made one of the best decisions of my life—getting a breast augmentation. I want you to know that there is no shame in you considering breast implants, and you are absolutely worth the investment.

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