What to Expect When You’re Dropping and Fluffing

After a breast augmentation your new girls will take some time to fully settle. It’s not a medical term, but we call this part of your boobie journey “Drop and Fluff”.


You’ll be forgiven for thinking ‘drop’ and ‘fluff’ sound like the names of two adorable kitties! But in the world of breast implants it’s how we describe the ways your breasts settle after surgery. 🙂


Up to 6 weeks after surgery your new boobs may be a little bit… crazy. Crazy-shaped that is.

Welcome to the Frankenboob stage. Your boobs can be high up on your chest, hard and the upper pole (the top bit of your breast) may even look square (hence the likening to Frankenstein).

This is all normal. Promise!

So ‘drop’ (or ‘dropping’) refers to the movement of high riding implants into a more natural position. This happens once your tissues (and muscles if your implants are unders) relax and stretch.


As your post-surgical swelling and tightness subsides, and as your skin, muscles and tissues stretch to accommodate your implants you’ll start to notice your breasts softening. This is the fluff (or ‘fluffing’) bit.

How Long Does It All Take?

And THIS is the million dollar question on everyone’s lips!

Waiting for your breasts D&F is a bit like waiting for your hair to grow! Boobie mantra reminder time: be patient.

Ok, hands up… I wasn’t (none of us are!) but we boobie sisters like to say it a lot. We all had some sort of crazy boob phase and we all wanted to know when our boobs would drop and fluff (D&F). And we were all impatient at one time our another. But, if only we’d known…

D&F happens at about 1% per day.

This interesting statistic was suggested by a doctor on another breast augmentation site. If it’s right it works out at over 3 months for your breasts to D&F.

There will still be other factors (skin elasticity, any natural breast size changes prior to surgery due to pregnancy and weight gain/loss, position of the implant, size of the implant, any previous surgery etc etc) that may speed up or slow down this process but this 1%/day D&F does sound about right.

This is also why you’ll see the magical “give it a few months before judging your new breasts” phrase quoted across the boobie forums.

And girl, your boobs are sisters not twins, so they can heal any which way they want and on totally different timescales.

If you’re comfortable taking pictures of your new girls it can really help you to keep track of changes in a sequence of photos. It can be quite a revelation to see the change in their appearance unfold.


Photograph your breasts once a week for the first few weeks and then monthly up to a year and I can guarantee you’ll see them D&F.

You’ll see the most changes within the first 3 months but your breasts will keep changing up to a year post-op.

Do They Get Bigger With D&F?


I’m going to smash a BA myth here… breasts don’t actually get bigger with D&F.

What does change though is the shape of your breasts. As everything stretches and softens what you see changing is the projection of your breasts.

As post-surgical swelling goes down there will be some shrinkage of the breast tissues. This tends to fuel the boob greed monster as your eyes see a change in size over the change in shape.

Trust me girl though… within 6 months to a year after your surgery you’ll be spilling out of any first bras you buy as the softening is where the real magic happens.

Breast implants take time to find their final resting shape.

Keeping a photo log can help you keep track of changes so you can see your new girls take shape. Drop and fluff is not a medical term (so you won’t hear your surgeon say it!) but, as you’ll come to find… it’s definitely real! 🙂

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