Weight Changes After a Breast Augmentation

Once you’re past any temporary post-surgical weight changes you may find yourself wondering about weight changes down the road.


Weight gain is extremely common immediately after breast augmentation. It’s partly from your new implants (depending how big they are!), fluid retention and swelling.

This short term weight gain is temporary and you’ll be back to your usual weight pretty quickly (with the addition of the weight of your implants of course) *phew*. Be sure to read this article to help beat the post-op bloat!

But what about the long term?

Breasts Change All The Time

Your breasts are actually changing all the time! They can be bigger at certain times of the month (hello aunt flo!), if it’s cold your nipples are ‘on’ and, as you age, sorry your girls may head south.


All kinds of things can affect your breasts… your diet, the activities you do, pregnancy, medications, and hormones!

And With Implants?

Weight loss or gain will not have a direct impact on the actual implants. But it may have an effect on how your breasts look!

Gaining a few pounds when you’ve got breast implants is unlikely to change your breasts drastically. However if the weight gain is more then a few pounds, you’ll likely see your breast size increase.

If you have a very lean build any weight gain could be good for your overall breast aesthetic… it should give you some extra coverage over your implants, softening the look of your breasts.

Losing a few pounds when you’ve got breast implants likely won’t change the look of your breasts either. But significant weight loss will definitely affect how your breasts look.

If you’re naturally curvier, a big weight loss may cause breast sagging, and if you’re on the leaner side a big weight loss may cause your implants to become more obvious (as you’ll be losing breast fat that covers your implant).

If you’re planning on losing a substantial amount of weight talk to your surgeon before you head under the knife. You should be at your goal weight so the best surgery options and implant size are chosen for the long term you!


In short, in the early days try not to worry about any additional pounds on the scale.

Long term, it’s best to have a stable weight. So if you’re planning any significant weight changes talk to your surgeon about your goals before you get breast implants! 🙂

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