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Your Current Efforts

You’ve already invested a lot of time and resources into creating several different “lead funnels” to help convert patients.

Examples of these funnels might include things like…

Different Experiences

Of course, none of these lead funnels is a “silver bullet.”

Instead, each of them are designed to play a unique role or meet a specific need, and they all work together to ultimately convert someone to a patient.

Unfortunately, without a clear path to follow, data from across the board shows us that most of your potential patients will never even find most of these funnels that you’ve created.

That’s a ton of your time and investment being left on the table… and that’s where I want to help!

Fixing the Problem

When you become one of my trusted surgeons, the first thing I will do is personally and publicly recommend you to every woman in my growing audience. (Eden Knows Implants is currently the fastest growing breast augmentation website in the world!)

But that’s just one piece of it. Here’s the part I’m really excited about…

We are going to couple my recommendation with an easy to follow path—a path that leads to your most powerful and proven lead funnels. This will empower women to quickly see all of what you have to offer, and it will allow them to select the route that is best suited for their situation and preferences!

Surgeon Network Touchpoints

In other words, we are going to amplify the areas that you’ve invested in the most.

The world doesn’t need another RealSelf or Healthgrades… what the world needs is a place where all the unique pieces of your brand fit together and tell a great story.

That’s the clarity that’s going to drive patients to action and move the needle for your business.

By the Numbers

For all the numbers people out there, here are some important stats that you will want to know:

Eden Knows Implants Stats

Let’s Do This!

I would love to partner with you to help women find your most powerful lead funnels! If you’re ready to become one of my trusted surgeons, it’s $79 a month and you can subscribe below 🙂

$79 on the 1st of each month Subscribe

I’m committed to connecting women to the world’s best surgeons… So if you aren’t ready to take the plunge, please let me know what it would take for you to get on board.