The Magical Six Week Breast Augmentation Follow-Up

During your boobie journey you’ll experience a number of milestones. Some of the milestones are time-orientated, like your consultation, pre-op, the day of surgery and your follow-up appointments.


And one of the most exciting milestones is the six week post-op!

6 Is The Magic Number

There’s usually an appointment in your follow-up schedule that falls around the six week mark.


I think this follow-up marks a pretty magical time after your breast augmentation… And there’s more than one reason why!

By six weeks after surgery you should be feeling like your normal self. You’re off meds, you’re driving again and you’ll be back at work.

When you leave your surgeon’s office after your six week follow-up appointment I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a little skip in your step. And here’s why…

Go Forth and Conquer

Your surgeon may use the six week post-op to put a pin in the map of your healing journey. Although you’ve got a long way to go yet before your new girls have blossomed in to their final shape (and size), this follow-up is a valuable point for your surgeon to check that your breasts (now healed) are starting to settle (notice I said starting!).

Hopefully your surgeon will take a set of ‘after’ photos and you’ll get the chance to compare them with your ‘before’ pictures. Already you’ll be able to see a positive change!


But the really magical part is the lift on any restrictions! Go buy clothes (in moderation and with caution)! Go exercise! Do some yoga! Do whatever you want (ok maybe not everything)!

When exactly you feel the magic is not universal (it may happen sooner, it may happen later) but it’s something to focus on if, for any reason, you’re having a tough time (or you’re feeling impatient!).

There comes a point in most women’s Boobie Journey when they truly feel the love for their new boobs. For many, this is the point at which the post-surgical restrictions are lifted and you can start to celebrate the start of a long and happy relationship with your new girls 🙂

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