Sideboob After a Breast Augmentation

What are your augmentation goals? Do you want a natural look, or hoping for killer cleavage? How about sideboob?!

Side what?


When you’re just starting your Boobie Journey it’s totally normal to not know what some of the words and phrases mean! It is, after all, like a whole new language.

To help you realize your augmentation goals getting comfortable with the BA language is super important.

A Side Order of… Sideboob

There are so many different thing to learn about breasts on a Boobie Journey. In order to know what you want, you’ve got to know what things are first!

So what is sideboob? (Hint- the answer is in the question!)

Sideboob is the side edges of your breasts.


When women say they ‘want sideboob’ they mean they’d like the side edges of their breasts to go beyond the width of their chest.

The Goldilocks of Sideboob

How much sideboob you like is just as personal a taste as every other part of breast aesthetics.

Too little… to much… just right.

So the ‘Goldilocks’ (“just right”) of sideboob is something for you to decide for yourself.

Knowing your own preference could be an important part of your augmentation goals.

To find out what you like it’s a good idea to get boob inspiration from boobie guides!

How to Get it

Whether or not you can achieve your desired sideboob (or sideboob at all) is dependent on your existing anatomy, and your breast width diameter (BWD).

While there is no magic answer to how to get sideboob, if you have a wider breast naturally you seem to end up with fuller side boob with implants.

The other way to get sideboob is by opting for an implant that is slightly wider than your BWD.


This isn’t a hard and fast rule though! You should always discuss your goals with your surgeon as only they can advise how best to achieve them.

Breast augmentation is an art, not a science!

As long as you communicate with your surgeon (and be prepared to hear your anatomy may not give you your boob goals 100%) you’re on the right road to a positive relationship with your new breasts.

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