Review: The Zalia by 3Wishes

Several years ago, my husband and I went through a money class that made a huge difference for us. Ever since then, we’ve sat down together on the first of each month and created our budget. It might sound painful, but I’ve learned to love it because my “clothing envelope” gets filled up! 🙂

I’ve been wanting a new piece of lingerie that I could wear around the house before bed and still feel sexy at the same time, so I went over to 3Wishes.com to begin my search. I ended up deciding on a couple of pieces including “The Zalia.” I just got it in the mail yesterday, and I’m really excited to tell you a little about it!

The first thing that drew me in were the light colors and fun stripes. When I opened it, I was shocked at how incredibly soft it is!! Even the lace trim is soft.

When I put it on, I loved the way it felt and fit. It’s very stretchy and form fitting (93% polyester, 7% elastan). The chemise is a halter style that ties behind your neck, and the back is plungy. The front also plunges down past your breasts but is held in place with a little piece of fabric so it won’t shift from left to right.

It also came with a matching stripped thong!

The Zalia is definitely one of mine (and my husband’s) favorite purchases lately, and I give it two thumbs up! It comes in XS, S, M, & L, and I really think you’re going to be into this once you get it on. It’s very comfortable, super hot, and it’s not too over the top for walking around the house a couple hours before bedtime 🙂 


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The Zalia a chemise that comes with a matching striped thong. It’s very comfortable, super sexy, and it's not too over the top for walking around the house!
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