Review: Blue Pearl Babydoll by Coquette

I just got my monthly order in from 3Wishes.com (yes, I might have a problem)… but before I tell you anything about this “Blue Pearl Babydoll,” I need to shout something from the rooftops…

My boobs actually fit… in a size SMALL!

Do you know how hard it is to find sexy lingerie in a size small where DD’s don’t spill out all over the place? (Yes, you probably do!) It’s almost unheard of.

Now that I got that out of the way, I’ll dive in!

When I first pulled it out of the bag, I was blown away by how delicate and almost vintage the Blue Pearl looked. The lace is super classic, the ribbon trim is dainty, and the sheer fabric adds a feminine yet very sexy look. My first hesitation was the built in bra… “Oh, Lord…” I thought. Anyone with implants knows that “built in bra” is code for, “time to spill out all over the place.”

So with that being my mind set, my brain almost exploded when the underwire was almost perfectly sitting underneath my breasts. Seriously. Like, I’m talking cm’s away from perfection, and no one would even notice except me. The underwire supports the girls very well, its got adjustable straps, and there’s a hook and eye closure in the back for additional fitting.

The only thing I didn’t care for was the big ribbon bow in the middle, but is an optional attachment (like a broach) so I just took mine off. You may love it though! 🙂

The length comes down to about where my tush ends (I’m 5’4), and in true 3Wishes style it comes with a matching thong, as well. I rarely wear thongs unless I have leggings on, because I rarely find that they fit me right. But for whatever reason, I tried this one and it fit me! I wore it with leggings today haha 🙂

I can’t say enough good things about this one. I’m glad I did myself a favor and got it, and I might even be wearing it as I type this. True story.


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