Red Flags Not to Ignore When Picking Your Surgeon

As breast augmentations continue to become more and more popular it is really important that you do your research before getting implants. But it can give you total information overload!


Being informed is super important. It’ll help you to make the right decisions for you.

When you start your Boobie Journey be alert and look out for (and don’t ignore!) these red flags when picking your surgeon:

Lacking The Key Credentials

Anyone conducting cosmetic procedures can call themselves a ‘cosmetic surgeon’.


BUT, to be considered a plastic surgeon a doctor must be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

If they are it should be obvious… displayed somewhere in their clinic, and/or on their website.

To become certified your surgeon has to undergo years of surgical training (including at least 2 years of plastic surgery experience), pass exams and demonstrate safe and ethical practice… so they will want to display this credential proudly!

If you can’t confirm they have this credential find another surgeon!

Not A Breast Expert

Another red flag is if a plastic surgeon doesn’t have experience (and this should be LOTS of experience) performing breast surgeries.

You won’t know what kind of surgery you will need to achieve your boobie goals until you step in to the consultation room, but you should only trust your body to someone who has extensive experience performing breast augmentations.

Shy About Their Work

As well as taking pictures of your boob goals (check out my Boobie Guides for inspiration) you will want to see examples of your surgeon’s work. hiding-patients

Again, they should be totally proud of their handiwork so if you find they’re shy about showing you before and after shots of previous patients (and/or they’re not happy for you to see any patient testimonials) this is another total red flag!

Promising You The World

The old adage “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” certainly applies to plastic surgery!

There are no guarantees, and even the best surgeons can have a result that is less than perfect. Do your research and find out what can and can’t be achieved. And play close attention to any outsized claims.


Personally, I would run for the hills if a surgeon said I could have whatever I wanted!

The decisions you make when getting a breast augmentation (implant size, shape, incision location etc etc) should be a collaborative process between you and your surgeon. You should totally get to say what you ‘want’ and your surgeon should tell you how he or she will help you achieve it.

If this doesn’t happen… proceed to the consultation room exit immediately!

Two For One

We all love a bargain but there are no ‘bargains’ where surgery is concerned. It is a BIG investment. Be very wary of any surgeon who offers a discount… especially if it’s for multiple procedures.


Choosing your surgeon on cost alone is a big red flag! There may be big differences in the prices you get quoted for a breast augmentation. Pick the surgeon you trust over the surgeon who offers the best price because ultimately…. you get what you pay for.

No Show Until Surgery Day

Sound the alarm! It is totally bad form for a surgeon to leave the consultation to an assistant.


If you don’t get to meet your surgeon until the day of your surgery this is one of the BIGGEST red flag there is. The only exception to this is if you opt to travel for your surgery… but even then you should have a pre-surgery consultation with your surgeon when you arrive at your surgery destination.

As you embark on your boobie journey you will be filled with feelings of excitement and anticipation. You will want to do your research so you know what to expect. And as you find out all there is to know about breast augmentations stay savvy...

Watch out for the red flags so you can make an informed decision, picking the right surgeon for you… one who you trust to help you achieve your boobie goals 🙂

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