Reasons to Downsize Your Implants

Revision surgeries to change the size of breast implants are usually for increases in cc’s, but there are a few reasons why you may choose to switch your implants for smaller ones.


Here’s my top reasons why you may choose to downsize…

They Look Or Feel Too Big

Big breast implants are not that easy to manage. The larger the implants, the heavier and more… cumbersome… they are.


It’s actually pretty rare to think you’ve gone too large with your implants.

It’s much more common to wish you’d gone bigger.

If after 6 months with your new boobs (by which point they should be mostly settled) you still think they’re too big then it’s time to touch base with your surgeon. Let your surgeon counsel and support you.

Going back to the drawing board and selecting a new Boobie Guide will help you select your new ideal breasts. (To see a significant change in breast size a reduction of 100c of breast implant volume will be needed.)

They’re Not Compatible With Your Lifestyle

Big boobs can also mean difficulty finding bras, bathing suits and clothing to accommodate your girls. If it’s more than an occasional wardrobe frustration for you downsizing might make things easier.

And, if you lead an active lifestyle you may find that larger implants get in your way.


Yoga, aerobic activities, running, etc. can all be challenging for women with larger breast implants

You Want A More Natural Look

Disproportionately large breasts can cause neck, shoulder and back problems. Large breasts can become even more problematic as you age. When menopause strikes our bodies like to gain weight in the breast area due to hormonal changes.

As the body ages some women decide to downsize their implants, opting for a more natural look. They just don’t want big boobs anymore.

Some women even decide to remove their implants completely, but if this means you’ll need a lift to keep your breasts looking youthful a smaller implant may be enough to keep your breasts looking beautiful.

Will I Like My New Smaller Boobs?


Any breast augmentation takes an adjustment period… where you learn to accept (and hopefully love) your new breasts.

The main worry with an implant size reduction is extra skin. Skin recovery depends on genetics and age and younger women with healthy skin and no existing breast sagging obviously have the best chance of the breast skin tightening up around a smaller implant.

Always discuss these kinds of concerns with your surgeon!

If you do switch out large implants, know that most women who downsize are happy with their new girls. And being happy and confident with your body is what really matters! 🙂

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